About this website

The Aeromarine Website was created in the winter of 2004.
It evolved from the Aeromarine timetable page of the Airline Timetable Images website.
With the amount of photos and information added to that page it turned into something much bigger,
which justified the establishment of a separate website on Aeromarine.

Daniel Kusrow
(In L.A. March 2004)

Daniel Kusrow has been the source of inspiration for developing this site,
as well as being responsible for gathering all the information and material.

Björn Larsson is the domain owner and webmaster,
and the man behind the creation of Airline Timetable Images,
nowadays maintained by Björn and his website partner David Zekria.

Björn Larsson
(Photo: Sylvia Andersson Larsson, Huddinge May 2003)


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