Empresas Aero Alimentadoras

Aeronaves Alimentadoras

Operating airlines:
Aeronaves del Centro
Aeronaves del Este
Aeronaves del Mayab
Aeronaves del Norte
Aeronaves del Oeste
Aeronaves del Sur
Aeronaves del Sureste



A subsidiary of Aeronaves de México (later AeroMéxico) owning smaller airlines operating feeder services in Mexico.
The five airlines of the group which survived until the end were Aeronaves del Centro, Mayab, Oeste, Sur and Sureste.


Aeronaves Alimentadoras
January 15, 1970

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Aeronaves Alimentadoras
January 15, 1972

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November 1, 1972
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August 15, 1973
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September 1, 1975
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See also Aeronaves del Sureste.


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