Carpenters Air Lines
(W.R.C. Airlines - W.R. Carpenter Airlines)



W.R. Carpenter & Co., shipowners and merchants, founded Mandated Airlines in 1936 to operate internal services in New Guinea. In 1938, Carpenter began flying between Australia and New Guinea under its own name, connecting with Mandated. The service was suspended in 1942 due to the war. Carpenter sold off its aviation interests (except Mandated) to Qantas Empire Airways in 1944, which reopened the Australia-New Guinea service the following year with a somewhat different routeing. (See a circa 1945 Qantas New Guinea timetable.)

Carpenter sold Mandated Airlines to Ansett Transport Industries in 1961. It was renamed Ansett-Mandated Airlines (Ansett-MAL).



February 1, 1939
(From the collection of Roger McDonald)
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