Below is a list of airlines with images of airline baggage labels on this website. The airlines are grouped by geographic region:

North America
South America

Please note that the years given with the labels are often estimated ("circa" or "?" have been omitted), though based on educated guesses. These pages also include the occasional baggage tag and ink blotter.

Check for updates to the airline baggage label section.


Air Algérie (Société Algérienne de Constructions Aéonautiques) (1940s-50s)
Air Algérie (present)
Air Atlas
Air Congo (1940s)
Air Congo (1960s-70s)
Cameroon Airlines
DETA Mozambique Airways
East African Airways - EAA
Ethiopian Airlines
Misr Airlines
Misr Airwork
Royal Air Maroc
SATT - Société Africaine de Transports Tropicaux
South African Airways - SAA
South West African Airways
Sudan Airways
TAAG - Linhas Aéreas de Angola
Tunis Air
Union Airways
United Arab Airlines - UAA
WAAC - West African Airways Corporation
Wilson Airways


Aden Airways
Air-India (present)
Air Jordan
Air Laos
Air Liban
Air Vietnam
All Nippon Airways - ANA
Arab Airways (Jerusalem)
Arkia - Israel Inland Airlines
CAAC - Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAT - Civil Air Transport
Cathay Pacific Airways
Central Air Transport Corporation
China Airlines
CNAC - China National Aviation Corporation
Commercial Airlines - CALI
Compagnie Générale de Transports
Deccan Airways
East-West Scheduled Air Transport Co. (Tozai Teiki Kokukai - TTKK)
El Al Israel Airlines
Far Eastern Airlines - FEA
Garuda Indonesian Airways
Indian Airlines - IAC
Iranair (Iranian Airways)
Iraqi Airways
JAL - Japan Air Lines
Japan Aerial Transport (Nippon Kuko Yuso Kenkyojo - NKYK)
Japan Air Transport Co. (Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha - NKYKK)
Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co. (Nihon Herikoputa Yuso)
Jet Airways
Junkers Luftverkehr Persien
KNILM - Royal Netherlands Indies' Airways
Korean National Airlines - KNA
Kuwait Airways
Manchuria Aviation Co. (Manchurian Air Transport - MKKK)
MEA - Middle East Airlines
Necon Air
Nihon Herikoputa Yuso (Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co.)
Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha - NKYKK (Japan Air Transport Co.)
Nippon Kuko Yuso Kenkyojo - NKYK (Japan Aerial Transport)
Pacific Overseas Airlines (Siam) - POAS
PAL - Philippine Air Lines
Palestine Airways
Royal Air Cambodge (1950s-60s)
Royal Nepal Airlines
Syrian Airways
TAA - Trans Asiatic Airlines
TAIP - Transportes Aéreos da Índia Portuguesa
Tata Sons (Tata Air Service)
Thai Airways - TAC
Thai Airways International
Tozai Teiki Kokukai - TTKK (East-West Scheduled Air Transport Co.)


ABA - AB Aerotransport (Swedish Air Lines)
Aberdeen Airways
Aer Lingus
Aero Espresso Italiana - AEI
Aero O/Y
Aero Portuguesa
Aero St. Gallen
Aigle Azur (1940s-50s)
Air Atlantis
Air France
Air Inter
Air Orient
Air Union
Ala Littoria
ALI - Avio Linee Italiane
ALI-Flotte Riunite
Allied Airways (Gandar Dower)
Alpar Bern
Austrian Airlines
Austroflug (ÖLAG)
Avio Linee Italiane - ALI
Balair (1920s-30s)
BANCO - British Air Navigation Co.
BEA - British European Airways (1940s-70s)
Blackpool & West Coast Air Services
BOAC - British Overseas Airways Corporation
British Airways (1930s)
British Continental Airways
BSAA - British South American Airways
Československé Státní Aerolinie
Channel Air Express
CIDNA - Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne
ČLS - Československá Letecká Společnost
Cobham Air Routes
Compagnie des Grands Express Aériens
Crilly Airways
ČSA - Československé Aerolinie
CTA - Companhia de Transportes Aéreos
DDL - Det Danske Luftfartselskab (Danish Air Lines)
Deutsche Lufthansa (1920s-40s)
Deutsche Lufthansa (1950s-60s - GDR)
Deutsche Lufthansa (present)
Deutscher Aero Lloyd
Deutsche Verkehrsflug
Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei
DHY - Devlet Hava Yolları
DNL - Det Norske Luftfartselskap (Norwegian Air Lines)
3-Städte Linie
Flugfélag Íslands (Iceland Airways)
Flugleiðir (Icelandair)
Grands Express Aériens
Great Western & Southern Air Lines
Guernsey Airways
Handley Page Transport
HeavyLift Cargo Airlines
HeavyLift-Volga Dnepr
Highland Airways
Hillman's Airways
Icelandair (Flugleiðir)
Iceland Airways (Flugfélag Íslands)
Icelandic Airlines - Loftleiðir
Imperial Airways
Inner Circle Air Lines
Instone Air Line
International Airlines
Isle of Man Air Services
Jersey Airways
Junkers Luftverkehr
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
LAPE - Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas
Lignes Aériennes Latécoère
Lignes Farman
Loftleiðir - Icelandic Airlines
LOT - Polskie Linie Lotnicze
Lufthansa (present)
Luftschiffbau Zeppelin
Lufttaxi Robert Fretz
National Flying Services
Navigazione Aerea - SANA
NMF - Nordiskt Missionsflyg
Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug
Norske Luftruter - NLR
North Eastern Airways
Northern & Scottish Airways
ÖLAG - Österreichische Luftverkehrs AG
Portsmouth, Southsea & Isle of Wight Aviation
Provincial Airways
Railway Air Services - RAS
Régie Air Afrique
SAM - Società Aerea Mediterranea
SANA - Navigazione Aerea
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines
Scottish Airways
Serviços Aéreos Portugueses
SILA (Swedish Intercontinental Airlines)
SISA - Società Italiana Servizi Aerei
Société Hellénique de Communications Aériennes - SHCA
TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses
TNT Airways
TSA - Transair Sweden AB
UAT - Union Aéromaritime de Transport
Unión Aérea Española
United Airways
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Volga-Dnepr Airlines
West Coast Air Services
Western Airways
Widerøe's Flyveselskap

North America:

AAXICO (American Air Export & Import Co.)
Aeromarine Airways (off-site)
Air Express (Western Union affiliate)
Air Express Corporation
Air Florida
Airline Feeder System
AirTran Airways
Alaska Southern Airways
American Airlines
American Airways
American Overseas Airlines - AOA
Amphibian Air Transport
Antilles Air Boats
Apache Airlines
Associated Air Services
Atlantic Coast Airways
Atlas Air
Avalon Air Transport
Boeing Air Transport (Boeing System)
Bonanza Air Lines
Boston Maine Airways/Central Vermont Airways
Bowen Air Lines
Braniff Airlines
Braniff Airways
Braniff International Airways
California Eastern Airways - CEA
Canadian Airways
Canadian Colonial Airways
Canadian Pacific Airlines - CPA
Capital Airlines
Capitol Speed Lines
Cardiff & Peacock Airlines
Central Airlines (1930s)
Century Air Lines
Century Pacific Lines
Chalk's International Airlines
Chesapeake Airways
Chicago & Southern Air Lines
Clifford Ball
CMA - Compañía Mexicana de Aviación
Colonial Airlines
Colonial Airways
Columbia Air Lines
Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación
Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación Curtiss
Consolidated Air Lines
Continental Air Express
Continental Air Lines (1920s)
Continental Airlines (1930s-2010s)
CPA - Canadian Pacific Airlines
Curtiss Flying Service
Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Service
Dewey Eldred Flying Service
DHL Airways
Dixie Flying Service
Duck Air Services
Eastern Air Lines
Eastern Air Transport
Emery Worldwide Airlines
Federal Express
Florida Airways
Florida Express
The Flying Tiger Line
General Air Express
Gorst Air Transport
Independence Air
Inter City Airlines - ICA
Laurentian Air Services
Licon Airways
Mackey Air Transport
Maddux Air Lines
Mason & Dixon Air Lines
Mutual Aircraft Corporation
National Airlines
Nationwide Air Transport Service
North American Food Carriers
Northeast Airlines
Northern Air Transport
Northwest Airlines
NYRBA - New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line
Pacific Air Transport
Pacific Northern Airlines
Pacific Seaboard Air Lines
Panagra (Pan American-Grace Airways)
Pan American Airways
Panini (Servicio Aéreo Panini)
Pickwick Airways
Pioneer Air Lines
PRT Air Service
PSA - Pacific Southwest Airlines
Riddle Airlines
Robertson Aircraft Corporation - RAC
SAFEway (Southwest Air Fast Express)
San Diego Sky Freight
Servicio Aéreo Panini
South Pacific Air Lines - SPAL
Standard Air Lines
TACA Airways
TAT - Transcontinental Air Transport
TAT-Maddux Air Lines
TAT Flying Service
TCA - Trans-Canada Air Lines
Texas Air Lines
Trans-Texas Airways
Tropic Air
TWA - Trans World Airlines
United Air Express
United Air Lines
UPS - United Parcel Service
Varney Air Lines
Varney Speed Lines (Lanes)
Vermont Airways Corporation - VAC
West Coast Airlines
West Coast Air Transport
Western Air Express
Western Airlines
West Indian Aerial Express


Adastra Airways
Adelaide Airways
Airlines (W.A.)
Air Taxis
Air Travel (NZ)
ANA - Australian National Airways (1930)
ANA - Australian National Airways (1930s-50s)
Ansett Airways
Australian Aerial Services
BCPA - British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines
Butler Air Transport
Commercial Aviation Company
Connellan Airways
Cook Strait Airways
East Coast Airways
Guinea Airways
Hart Aircraft Service
Holden's Air Transport Services
Holyman's Airways
MacRobertson-Miller Aviation
NAC - National Airways
New England Airways
North Queensland Airways
Pacific Aerial Transport
TAA - Trans-Australia Airlines
Tasmanian Aerial Services
TEAL - Tasman Empire Airways
Union Airways (New Zealand)
Victorian & Interstate Airways
West Australian Airways

South America:

Aerovías Brasil
Compañía de Aviación Faucett
Cóndor Peruana de Aviación
Condor Syndikat
FAMA (Flota Aérea Mercante Argentina)
LAN - Línea Aérea Nacional
Panair do Brasil
Serviço Aéreo Condor
Syndicato Condor
UMCA - Urabá, Medellín & Central Airways

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