Lloyd Luftdienst



Lloyd Luftdienst was set up in 1920 by the large German shipping line Norddeutscher Lloyd to act as a booking agency, representing a number of airlines associated with the line and operating under the Lloyd name. Main goal was to compete with the Aero-Union group of airlines (of which Deutsche Luft-Reederei was the most important), set up by Lloyd's rival HAPAG (Hamburg-American Line).

Initial service by a Lloyd company was operated by Lloyd Luftverkehr Sablatnig between Bremen and Berlin. Other participants were e.g. Lloyd Ostflug, flying to Danzig and to the Baltic states, and Deutscher Luft Lloyd, flying from Bremen to Leipzig and Dresden.

Eventually, HAPAG and Norddeutscher Lloyd decided to join forces, and in February 1923, the Aero-Union and Lloyd Luftdienst groups were merged to form Deutscher Aero Lloyd, one of the immediate forerunners of Deutsche Luft Hansa (DLH). Barely three years later DLH was created as the national airline of Germany when Deutscher Aero Lloyd and the Junkers Luftverkehr group of airlines were merged.


August 1921
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May 1922
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