Baťa (corporate airline)

(now Czech Republic and Slovakia)


Svitlet had its origins in an airline division established in the 1920s by the large Bata Shoes in Zlín (Gottwaldov 1949-1989). Bata was nationalised after WW2 (renamed Svit) and with the communist take-over
in Czechoslovakia in 1948, airline activities were concentrated to the state-owned ČSA. The former Bata airline became a branch of ČSA and was briefly known as Svitlet before being wholly merged into the state airline in 1950-51. Svitlet's Aero Ae-45 aircraft formed the backbone of ČSA's new Aerotaxi division for non-scheduled operations.


Bata Aerodrome (Letiště Baťov), Otrokovice/Zlin
Undated (c. latter half of the 1930s)

Flights of the Baťa corporate airline
(Courtesy of Jaroslav Farka)
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May 15, 1950
(Courtesy of Jaroslav Farka)
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