As most other serious collectors I have sent hundreds of letters with timetable requests to airlines all over the world. Some sent letters accompanying the timetables (if they at all bothered sending anything) - a selection of those letters are listed below. Some have nice letterheads, others are interesting for other reasons and most are from rare and remote airlines - i.e. from my horizon. A good deal of the airlines are gone since long.

I believe that I sent the first letter requesting a timetable to Aeroflot's office in either Copenhagen or Stockholm in 1963. They did not let me down. Other early ones were sent to the headquarters of Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways and Trans-Australia Airlines. To my disappointment, the two latter sent just brochures and other items, though I soon found their timetables locally (Malmö, Sweden).

The funniest letter I ever received was from a smaller Australian airline which politely told me that they, regrettably, could not employ me as a pilot for the time being. I have always wondered if a hopeful pilot somewhere to his big surprise was furnished with a timetable when expecting a reply to his application.

Ethiopian Airlines, Addis Ababa, 1963
Philippine Air Lines, London, 1968
Air Congo, Brussels, 1968
Air Rhodesia, 1968 (I sent the request to the office in London, but got the reply - with timetable - from Salisbury!)
APSA, Miami, 1968
Southern Airways, Atlanta, 1968
THY, Frankfurt, 1968
Ecuatoriana, Quito, 1969
SAM, Medellín, 1969
Zambia Airways, Lusaka, 1970
Pluna, Montevideo, 1970
Air Mali, Bamako, 1970
Ariana Afghan Airlines, Kabul, 1970
TMA, Beirut, 1970
Dominicana, Santo Domingo, 1970
Nigeria Airways, London, 1971
Somali Airlines, Mogadishu, 1974
DETA, Lourenço Marques, 1974
Royal Nepal Airlines, Kathmandu, 1974
TAAG, Luanda, 1974
Air Vietnam, Saigon, 1974
Cubana, Havana, 1974
SLM (Surinam Airways), Paramaribo, 1974
LAGE, Malabo, 1974
Faucett, Lima, 1974
Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Jakarta, 1974
Yemen Airways, Sanaa, 1974
Iraqi Airways, Baghdad, 1977
Air Djibouti, Djibouti, 1977
Bouraq Indonesia Airways, Jakarta, 1977
Lesotho Airways, Maseru, 1979
Thai Airways, Bangkok, 1979
Polynesian Airlines, Apia, 1979
Air Niger, Niamey, 1980
Bougair, Arawa, 1980
Air Sénégal-Sonatra, Dakar, 1980
Cook Islands Airways, Rarotonga, 1980
TAM - Transportes Aéreos Regionais, São Paulo, 1980
Votec, Rio de Janeiro, 1980
Air Bénin, Cotonou, 1982
Air Volta, Ouagadougou, 1982
Air Tungaru, Tarawa, 1982
Aeronica, Managua, 1984
TABA, Belém, 1988
Air Rwanda, Kigali, 1988
Shanghai Airlines, Shanghai, 1991
SATENA, Bogotá, 1993

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