UPDATES May-June 2003

New airlines, images or information added to this site.

June 8, 2003:
Action Airlines (airline added)
Air Atlantique (airline added)
Air-Lift Commuter (airline added)
Air Lincoln (airline added)
Air Michigan Airlines (airline added)
Air Pennsylvania (airline added)
Air South October 29, 1972 (image added)
Air Speed (airline added)
AOM French Airlines (airline added)
Armenian Airlines (airline added)
Aroostook Airways (airline added)
Atlantic Airways (USA) (airline added)
Atlas Airlines (airline added)
Bader Express (airline added)
Block Island Airlines - BIAIR (airline added)
Cal-State Air Lines (airline added)
Central States Airlines (airline added)
Chester County Air (airline added)
Coastal Aviation (airline added)
Empire State Airlines (airline added)
EuroSkyhop 1988 (image added)
Futura (airline added)
Gold Coast Airways (airline added)
Gulfstream International Airlines (airline added)
Lucas Aigle Azur 1982 (image added)
MAT Macedonian Airlines (airline added)
Mid-South Airways (airline added)
Midwest Airways (airline added)
Nationwide Airlines Southeast August 7, 1968 (image added)
NFD - Nürnberger Flugdienst (airline added)
Noble Air (airline added)
North American Airlines - NAA (1970s?) (airline added)
Northern Air Lines (1960s-70s - USA) (airline added)
Pan Am December 15, 1982 (image added)
Pan Am April 28, 1985 (image added)
Region Airways (airline added)
Sochi Airlines Aviaprima (airline added)
Southeast Airlines Undated (c. late 1960s) (image added)

May 30, 2003:
Air East Airlines (airline added)
Air Hawaii (airline added)
Air Link Airlines April 1, 1982 (image added)
Air Molokai-Tropic Airlines Undated (c. mid-1980s) (image added)
Air Molokai August 1, 1988 (image added)
Air Molokai (1990s) (airline added)
Air North (Alaska) (airline added)
Airpac (airline added)
Air Pacific June 1, 1979 (image added)
Air Transport June 23, 1967 (image added)
Alaska Aeronautical Industries - AAI (airline added)
Alector Airways (airline added)
Alpha Airlines (airline added)
Ananda Air (airline added)
Branson Airlines (airline added)
Central Airlines September 1, 1964 (image added)
CNAC - China National Aviation Corporation Undated (c. 1933) Shanghai-Chungking route (image added)
Discovery Airways (airline added)
Indian Wells Airline (airline added)
JAL April 1, 2003 Prel ed (image added)
Japan Asia Airways November 1, 2002 Prel ed (image added)
Japan Asia Airways April 1, 2003 Prel ed (image added)
Jet Train (airline added)
KAK - Kanki Airlines (airline added)
Larry's Flying Service (airline added)

Manchurian Air Transport (Manchurian Aviation Co. - MKKK) (airline added) (no timetables)
Maui Airlines (airline added)
Maverick Airways (1990s) (airline added)
Midwest Commuter Airlines (airline added)
NAL March 1, 2003 (image added)
NAL April 1, 2003 (image added)
ORC March 14, 2003 (image added)
ORC April 1, 2003 (image added)
Pioneer Airlines (1960s) (airline added)
Pioneer Airways (airline added)
Reeves Air (airline added)
Seair (airline added)
Sky Tours Hawaii (airline added)
SMB Stage Line (airline added)
Sun Valley Air (airline added)
Swedeways Air Lines Undated (c. Winter 1998-99) (image added)
Trump Air (airline added)
Wings of Alaska (airline added)

May 23, 2003:
Air Greenland October 28, 2002 (image added)
Deutsche Lufthansa November 1, 1958 (image added)
Deutsche Lufthansa August 27, 1959 Leipzig Fair tt (image added)
Deutsche Lufthansa November 1, 1959 (image added)
Deutsche Verkehrsflug May 1, 1931 (image added)
Carpatair October 27, 2002 (image added)
Lao Aviation March 26, 2002 (image added)
Lloyd Luftdienst (airline added)
Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug May 2, 1927 (image added)
Swissair (5 images added: 1946, 1947 and 1954)

May 21, 2003:
Avalon Air Transport Undated (late 1950s?) (image added)
Capital Airlines July 26, 1955 (image added)
Centennial Airlines (Spain) (airline added)
Hawaiian Airlines April 25, 1966 (image added)
Lucas Air Transport March 21, 1977 (image added)
Mayflower Airlines July 27, 1936 (image added)
SFO Helicopter Airlines (1980s) (airline added)

May 20, 2003:
Air Andaman (airline added)
Air Sénégal (airline added)
Austral March 17, 1986 (image added)
Caribbean Airlines (airline added)
China Eastern Airlines Wuhan October 27, 2002 (image added)
Jet2 (airline added)
LAPA Undated (c. late 1980s) (image added)
Mahan Air (airline added)
Prinair May 1, 1970 (image added)
Royal Air Cambodge January 1, 1970 (image added)
Ryan Air (airline added)
South African Airways April 1, 1974 (image added)
Time Airways October 25, 1970 (image added)
UAA - United Arab Airlines May 1, 1964 (image added)
UAA - United Arab Airlines June 15, 1969 (image added)
Xinjiang Airlines October 27, 2002 (image added)

May 19, 2003:
Airlinair October 28, 2002 (image added)
Air Moldova July 1996 (image added)
Air Niugini March 4, 1979 (image added)
Air Union Summer 1933 Joint Air Union/Farman tt (image added)
Aviateca November 3, 1974 (image added)
DNL - Det Norske Luftfartselskap November 1, 1946 (image added)
Formosa Airlines May 20, 1993 (image added)
Ghana Airways April 1, 1966 (image added)
Hanford Airlines December 1, 1936 (image added)
Iberia November 1, 1955 (image added)
Siem Reap Airways International March 30, 2002 (image added)
TAT - Touraine Air Transport April 1, 1974 (image added)
WAAC - West African Airways Corporation October 1954 (image added)

May 18, 2003:
Air Central (New Zealand) (airline added)
Cal Air International (airline added)
California Air Shuttle (airline added)
Coastal Airways (airline added)
Hapag-Lloyd Express (airline added)
Kaliningrad Air Enterprise (airline added)
Malaysia Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
National Executive Airlines (airline added)
Pacific National Airways - PNA (airline added)
Pacific Northwest Airlines - PNA (airline added)
RAM Airlines (airline added)
Shasta Air (airline added)
Singapore Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)

May 16, 2003:
Air Link Airways (airline added)
Air North (New Zealand) (airline added)
Bonanza Airlines (1970s) (airline added)
Burnthills Highland Helicopter Service (airline added)
Columbia Pacific Airlines (airline added)
Connellan Airways April 26, 1970 (image added)
Shawnee Air Commuter (airline added)
Sun Basin Airline (airline added)
Tradewinds (airline added)
Trans Air Lines (airline added)
Trans Mountain Airlines (airline added)
Trans-Nevada Air - TNA (airline added)
Trans Sierra Airways - TSA (airline added)

May 14, 2003:
Air Safaris (airline added)
British International (airline added)
Hellenic Airlines Undated (c. 1950) UK ed (image added)
Mercury Airlines (UK) (airline added)

May 13, 2003:
California Seaboard Airlines - CSA (airline added)
Century Airlines (1980s - Missouri) (airline added)
Gross Aviation (airline added)
Pacific Northern Airlines - PNA (1970s) (airline added)
Shavano Air February 15, 1978 (image added)
Valley Airlines (airline added)
Valley Airpark Commuter Service (airline added)

May 12, 2003:
Chilliwack Aviation (airline added)
Coleman Air Transport (airline added)
Hawaiian Pacific Airlines (airline added)
Island Air (Canada) (airline added)
Metro International Airways (airline added)
Militair (airline added)
National Airlines (1990s - USA) (airline added)
Pacific East Air (airline added)
Royal American Airways (airline added)
Skybus (airline added)
Total Air (airline added)
US Africa Airways (airline added)
Viscount Air Tours (airline added)

May 8, 2003:
ANA - All Nippon Airways April 1, 2003 (image added)
British European To October 27, 2001 (image added)
Canadian Western Airlines - CWA (airline added)
Iraqi Airways April 1, 1972 (image added)
Istanbul Airlines November 1, 1991 (image added)
Queen Charlotte Airlines - QCA (airline added)
South West Air (airline added)
Swissair October 2, 1938 (image added)
Swissair April 16, 1939 (image added)
Swissair March 16, 1947 (image added)
Trans North Air (airline added)
WestJet April 6, 2003 (image added)

May 7, 2003:
Asahi Airlines Commuter - AAC (airline added)
Lincoln Airlines (airline added)
MAL - Miller Airlines (airline added)
Paradise Air (airline added)
Piper Air Center - Airline Division (airline added)
Sunaire (airline added)
VQ Airlines (airline added)
Western Airlines (Australia) (airline added)

May 5, 2003:
Japan Asia Airways (55 images added)
TDA - Toa Domestic Airlines (6 images added)

May 4, 2003:
ACT - Air Caribbean Transport (airline added)
Air Caribbean (airline added)
Air Do February 1, 2003 (image added)
Air France February 1, 1960 USSR ed (image added)
Air Great Lakes (airline added)
Air Inter November 1, 1969 (image added)
Air Kenya July 1, 1986 Joint Air Kenya/Sunbird Aviation tt (image added)
Airlines of Northern Australia March 7, 1983 (image added)
Airlink Airlines (South Africa) (airline added)
Air Littoral October 26, 1986 Joint Air Littoral/CAL tt (image added)
Air Normandie (airline added)
Air New Zealand July 1965 (image added)
Air New Zealand July 20, 1966 (image added)
Air North International (Australia) (airline added)
Air Traffic (airline added)
ANA - All Nippon Airways April 1, 2003 (image added)
Asiana Airlines March 1, 2003 (image added)
Associated Air (airline added)
Civil Flying Services (airline added)
Deutsche Lufthansa April 4, 1937 Hamburg ed (image added)
Dolphin Airlines (airline added)
Dorado Wings (airline added)
Four Island Air (airline added)
Guernsey Airlines Summer 1987 (image added)
Guernsey Airlines March 27, 1988 (image added)
JAL February 2003 Domestic routes (image added)
JAL April 2003 Joint JAL/JAS tt, domestic routes (image added)
Japan Asia Airways January 1, 2003 (image added)
JAS February 1, 2003 (image added)
Jet Charter Airlines (airline added)
Murchison Air Service (airline added)
PIA October 27, 2003 Int'l routes (image added)
PIA October 27, 2003 Domestic routes (image added)
Skymark Airlines February 1, 2003 (image added)
Skymark Airlines April 1, 2003 (image added)
Skynet Asia Airways April 2003 (image added)
Sky Travel (airline added)

May 3, 2003:
AirVantage Airlines (airline added)
Airways of New Mexico (airline added)
Air West (1980s - USA) (airline added)
Allen Air Commuter (airline added)
Arkansas Traveler Airline (airline added)
Key Airlines (airline added)
Sky-Knight Airlines (airline added)
Sun Airlines (airline added)
Timeair (USA) (airline added)
Westair (1970s) (airline added)
Western Airlines (1990s?) (airline added)

May 2, 2003:
Connectair (UK) (airline added)
Genair (airline added)
Genesis Airways (airline added)
Gill Air June 5, 1989 (image added)
Gill Air March 29, 1993 (image added)
NKA - Nihon Kinkyori Airways October 1975 (image added)
NLM April 1, 1968 (image added)
Northern Air Charter (airline added)
Northern Airlines (Australia) September 15, 1980 (image added)
North Flying (airline added)
North West Airlines (Australia) (airline added)
Norving June 15, 1976 (image added)
Nyge Aero August 4, 1986 (image added)
Pacifica Air (airline added)
Pacific Flight Service (airline added)

May 1, 2003:
AmericAir (airline added)
Cape & Islands Airline (airline added)
Cosmopolitan Airlines (airline added)
Ford Motor Company (airline added)
Nationwide Airlines (airline added)
Seaplane Shuttle Transport - SST (airline added)
Standard Airways (airline added)
Trans-Michigan Airlines - TMA (airline added)
TravelAir (airline added)
Wings Airlines (airline added)

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