UPDATES July-December 2003

New airlines, images or information added to this site.

December 31, 2003:
EgyptAir November 1, 1971 (image added)
Flying Tigers April 27, 1980 (image added)
JDA - Japan Domestic Airlines (9 images added)
JDA - Japan Domestic Airlines - August (1964?) corrected to August 1, 1965
JDA - Japan Domestic Airlines - September (1964?) corrected to September 1, 1965
Royal Air Cambodge October 26, 1997 (image added)
Singapore Airlines April 1, 1973 (image added)
Uganda Airlines November 1, 1985 (image added)

December 29, 2003:
Aeromarine West Indies Airways Undated (c. Dec 1920 or Jan/Feb 1921) (image added)

December 28, 2003:
Additional Aeromarine West Indies Airways/Aeromarine Airways photos, interior views of timetables and other material, and above all, a comprehensive fleet list - as before generously compiled and provided by Daniel Kusrow.

December 27, 2003:
Air Do March 1, 2001 (image added)
Air Do November 1, 2002 (image added)
Armenian Airlines Winter 1999-2000 (image added)
Canadian Airlines International April 29, 1990 Canadian North (image added)
Gateway Aviation (airline added)
Inter-Canadien (1990s - formerly Inter-Québec) (airline added)
KLM Alps October 29, 2000 (image added)
Metro Air Northeast July 1, 1989 Trans World Express op'd by Metro Air Northeast (image added)
Safeway Aircoach (airline added)
Sierra Pacific Airlines July 15, 1975 (image added)
Southwest Airlines (airline added)
Sun Aire January 1, 1978 (image added)
Telair (airline added)
Tikal Jets (airline added)
Trans Magic Airlines - TMA (airline added)
Wardair April 30, 1989 (image added)

December 26, 2003:
Noted Aeromarine Airways expert Daniel Kusrow has kindly provided a brief history of the airline, as well as more timetables, some photos and other material.

Air Ceylon November 3, 1959 (image added)
Dai Nippon Koku (Greater Japan Air Lines) (airline added)
Imperial Airways c. 1930 passenger souvenir flight book (image added)
KNILM August 4, 1931 (image added)
Misr Airwork c. 1935 brochure (image added)
North Star Aircoach (airline added)
West Indian Aerial Express (airline added)
Wilson Airways Undated (c. autumn 1933) (image added)
Zimmerly Airlines October 2, 1945 (image added)

December 8, 2003:
Adria Airways March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air Bourbon (airline added)
Dalavia Winter 2002-03 (image added)
Duo (airline added)
Helvetic Airlines (airline added)
Indian Airlines September 15, 2003 (image added)
Khalifa Airways October 27, 2002 (image added)
PIA March 30, 2003 Int'l routes (image added)
PIA March 30, 2003 Domestic routes (image added)
Siberia Airlines Summer/Autumn 2003 (image added)
Skyways November 17, 2003 (image added)
South African Airways March 31, 2002 (image added)
Trans Penn Airlines - TPA (airline added)
Volareweb.com (airline added)

December 1, 2003:
Air Orient (airline added)
Air Southwest (airline added)
Ariana Afghan Airlines May 21, 1975 (image added)
Bergen Air Transport (airline added)
MSA - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines April 1, 1971 (image added)
MSA - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines June 1, 1971 (image added)
NFD - Nürnberger Flugdienst October 28, 1985 (image added)
President Airlines (airline added)
Ross Aviation (airline added)
Sair Aviation (airline added)
Wheeler Airlines (Canada) (airline added)

November 23, 2003:
Cruzeiro do Sul September 1944 Southern routes (image added)

November 22, 2003:
Air New Zealand November 1, 1993 Domestic routes (image added)
Air New Zealand November 10, 1997 Int'l routes (image added)
Air New Zealand June 14, 1999 Domestic routes (image added)
Air New Zealand November 2000 Domestic routes (image added)
Ansett New Zealand May 1995 (image added)
Ansett New Zealand February 1997 (image added)
Baltimore Airways (airline added)
Bulgaria Air (airline added)
Emirates October 26, 2003 (image added)
Inter-Island Airways Undated (c. 1930) brochure (image added)
Inter-Island Airways January 1, 1935 (image added)
Maddux Air Lines Undated (1929) brochure (image added)
Minerva Airlines (airline added)
Royal Brunei Airlines October 25, 1998 (image added)
Standard Air Lines August 5, 1929 (image added)
TAT-Maddux Air Lines June 15, 1930 (image added)

November 18, 2003:
RAI - Réseau Aérien Interinsulaire November 1, 1969 (image added)
Trans Western Airlines May 15, 1977 (image added)
Valley Airlines (1970s) February 1, 1972 (image added)
WAAC - West African Airways Corporation Undated (c. early 1950s) (image added)
West Pacific (airline added)

November 17, 2003:
Air New England December 15, 1972 (image added)
Business Commuter Airlines (airline added)
Business Express August 15, 1985 (image added)
Drummond Island Air (airline added)
Japan Air Transport October 1, 1938 (image added)
JetAire Airlines (airline added)
Lake State Airways (airline added)
Martz Airlines April 15, 1932 (image added)
New England Commuter (airline added)
Pacific Alaska Airways November 1, 1934 (image added)
PBA 1955 (image added)
Powell Air (airline added)
Robertson Aircraft Corporation Undated (c. May 1929) (image added)
SAESA Undated (c. 1968) (image added)
Sundorph Aeronautical Corporation (airline added)
SVA - Sun Valley Airways (airline added)
Vee Neal Airlines November 15, 1983 (image added)
West Australian Airways Undated (c. early 1930s) (image added)
Western Air Express Undated (c. early 1935) (image added)

October 25, 2003:
AFS Airlines (airline added)
Air Services of India Undated (c. 1937-38) (image added)
AirTran Airways June 14, 2003 (image added)
Aloha Airlines July 2, 2003 (image added)
Cargolux (airline added)
Garuda Indonesian Airways April 1, 1967 (image added)
Germania Express (airline added)
Indian National Airways February 19, 1948 (image added)
LGW March 30, 2003 (image added)
Lithuanian Airlines March 25, 2001 (image added)
Mesa Air Shuttle Undated (early 1980s) (image added)
MIAT October 27, 2002 (image added)
MIAT March 30, 2003 (image added)
OLT March 30, 2003 (image added)
Pacificwings (airline added)
Silkair March 30, 2003 (image added)
SKYmaster (airline added)
Südwestflug (Hahn Airlines) October 15, 2001 (image added)
Ukraine International Airlines October 27, 2002 (image added)

October 20, 2003:
Gulf Air June 1, 2003 (image added)
KLM November 1, 1932 European routes (image added)

October 19, 2003:
Air Alpha (USA) (airline added)
Air Illinois July 1, 1983 (image added)
Air Kazakhstan March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air Lithuania March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air New England October 15, 1975 (image added)
Air 1 April 15, 1984 (image added)
Air Vietnam March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air West July 1, 1969 (image added)
Alaska Airlines October 25, 1970 (image added)
Alpi Eagles June 14, 2003 (image added)
Altair Airlines September 18, 1981 (image added)
Aviaco To October 31, 1967 (image added)
BOAC October 1, 1951 (image added)
Central African Airways August 15, 1951 (image added)
Central African Airways July 1, 1965 (image added)
China Airlines March 25, 1995 (image added)
China Airlines March 30, 1997 (image added)
Chaparral Airlines July 18, 1984 (image added)
Cimber Air March 30, 2003 Domestic routes (image added)
Cirrus Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
city-air (airline added)
Dalavia Summer 2002 (image added)
Dalavia Summer 2003 (image added)
Denim Airways (airline added)
Emerald Air June 1, 1984 (image added)
Fleetway Airlines (airline added)
Florida Atlantic Airlines (airline added)
Hapag-Lloyd Winter 2003-04 (image added)
Hellas Jet (airline added)
Icelandair June 1, 1957 (image added)
Indian Airlines April 1, 1964 (image added)
InterSky March 30, 2003 (image added)
Jatayu Air (airline added)
Jet America April 15, 1984 (image added)
KLM April 29, 1946 Domestic routes (image added)
Korean National Airlines October 1, 1957 (interior image added)
Kullaflyg (airline added)
LACSA March 1, 1964 International routes (image added)
LAPE Undated (c. Winter 1934-35) (image added)
LAV - Línea Aeropostal Venezolana December 15, 1952 (image added)
LTU (airline added)
MAT Macedonian Airlines October 27, 2002 (image added)
Metro Airlines July 1, 1984 (image added)
Mid-South Airlines - MSA (airline added)
MVA - Mississippi Valley Airlines August 1, 1983 (image added)
National Commuter Airways - NCA November 2, 1988 (image added)
North American Airlines Undated (image added)
Peninsula Air Transport - PAT (airline added)
Piasa Commuter Airlines (airline added)
Prinair March 1, 1971 (image added)
Ransome Airlines July 1, 1980 (image added)
Republic Airlines October 28, 1979 (image added)
Royal Brunei Airlines March 31, 2002 (image added)
Samara Airlines May 2003 (image added)
SATA International (airline added)
Skyways (Scheduled Skyways) (airline added)
Solar Airlines (airline added)
South East Air - SEA (airline added)
Spanair April 8, 2002 (image added)
Statewide Airlines (airline added)
Suburban Airlines (airline added)
TACV - Cabo Verde Airways November 1, 1972 (image added)
Thomas Cook Airlines November 2003 (image added)
Transamerica Airlines May 15, 1980 (image added)
Turkish Airlines March 27, 1994 (image added)
Tyumen Airlines Summer 2003 (image added)
Uzbekistan Airways October 27, 2002 (image added)
Vercoa Commuter (airline added)
Vladivostok Air October 27, 2002 (image added)
Wheeler Airlines (airline added)
World Airways July 1, 1980 (image added)

October 12, 2003:
Aegean Airlines Summer 2003 (image added)
Aer Arann To October 25, 2003 (image added)
Aer Lingus March 30, 2003 (image added)
AeroMéxico May 5, 2003 (image added)
Aeromost Kharkov (airline added)
AeroSvit March 31, 2003 (image added)
Air China March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air France March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air-India International February 1, 1957 (image added)
Air Ivoire September 4, 1995 (image added)
Air Malta March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air Mauritius March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air Seychelles March 30, 2003 (image added)
ANA - Australian National Airways Undated (1936?) (image added)
Ansett Airways May 1, 1941 (image added)
Arkhangelsk Airlines - AVL (airline added)
Biman Bangladesh Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
bmi March 30, 2003 (image added)
bmibaby (airline added)
Copa Airlines February 1, 2003 (image added)
Croatia Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
EgyptAir October 27, 2002 (image added)
EgyptAir March 30, 2003 (image added)
Emirates March 30, 2003 (image added)
Iran Air March 30, 2003 (image added)
Monarch Airlines May 1, 2003 (image added)
MyTravelLite (airline added)
Palmair European (airline added)
Qatar Airways June 1, 2003 (images added - different covers, same contents)
Rwandair Express (airline added)
Shaheen Air International Undated (image added)
Silkair October 28, 2001 (image added)
Silkair October 27, 2002 (image added)
South African Airways March 30, 2003 (image added)
TAME (airline added)
Tunisair March 30, 2003 (image added)
Uganda Airlines November 1, 1986 (image added)
Ukraine International Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
VLM To October 25, 2003 (image added)
Welcome Air September 1, 2003 (image added)

October 1, 2003:
Aerovías Quisqueyana Spring 1974 (image added)
Aerovías Quisqueyana July 26, 1976 (image added)

September 29, 2003:
Air Tahiti Nui March 30, 2003 (image added)
Air Yugoslavia (airline added)
ALex - Aberdeen-London Express (airline added)
APA International Air (airline added)
Business Air September 28, 1992 (image added)
Business Flight (airline added)
Eureca (airline added)
MAS - Mediterranean Air Service (airline added)
Metropolitan Airways June 1, 1984 (image added)
Royal Aviation (airline added)
Stout Air Lines April 1, 1930 (image added)
TIA Aviation (airline added)
Trek Airways October 1968 (image added)

September 16, 2003:
Aerovías del Ecuador-Panagra (airline added)
Continental Air Express (airline added)
Korean National Airlines - KNA (airline added)

September 15, 2003:
British Airtours (airline added)
Connecticut Airline (airline added)
Emerald European Airways (airline added)
Essair Lines March 1, 1946 (image added)
Swift Aire Lines February 1, 1977 (image added)
TAROM December 1, 1970 Domestic routes (image added)
Thompson Aeronautical Corporation June 19, 1929 Detroit-Cleveland (image added)
Wings Airways (airline added)
Yorkshire European Airways (airline added)

August 13, 2003:
Air-India January 1962 (image added)
Airlinair March 30, 2003 (image added)
Aurigny Air Services March 30, 2003 (image added)
Australian Airlines (present) (airline added)
Aviaco July 2, 1951 (image added)
Cambrian Airways April 20, 1958 (image added)
Cunard Airways April 30, 1961 US ed (image added)
DirektFlyg (airline added)
Germanwings (airline added)
GMG Airlines October 26, 2002 (image added)
Iberia Winter 1954-55 (image added)
Iceland Airways April 20, 1952 (image added)
Imperial Airways Summer 1930 UK-Fra/Swi tt (image added)
Jordan Airways (airline added)
Maddux Air Lines Undated (c. July 1928) (image added)
Mahan Air April 5, 2003 (image added)
MAT Macedonian Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
Panagra August 1, 1965 (image added)
Precisionair November 25, 2002 (image added)
Qantas September 1951 (image added)
Qantas March 30, 2003 Joint Qantas/Australian Airlines tt, Japanese ed (image added)
SAT Airlines March 30, 2003 (image added)
Sete Taxi Aéreo Undated (c. Spring 2003) (image added)
Shenzhen Airlines Winter 2001-02 (image added)
Sky Airline (airline added)
Spacegrand Aviation March 1982 (image added)
Tatarstan Airlines October 27, 2002 (image added)
Thomas Cook Airlines (airline added)
TRIP May 1, 2003 (image added)
Twin Jet (airline added)
West Coast Air Services (airline added)

August 12, 2003:
Correction of links to Süddeutsche Luft Hansa on 'List of Airlines' and 'Airlines of Europe by country' pages.

August 11, 2003:
Especially for Herbert Ponce (your e-mail address doesn't work):
"Golden Parisian/Parisien Spéciale" New York-Paris/Paris-New York De Luxe Starliner service

August 6, 2003:
Aeroflot Summer 1955 USSR-Bukarest/Sofia routes (image added)
Aeromarine Airways (airline added)
Air Union Summer 1932 London-Paris route (image added)
American Airways Undated (c. summer 1931) Universal Division, Chicago & St. Louis routes (image added)
Imperial Airways July 1931 European routes (image added)
Inter-Island Airways October 1, 1937 (image added)
Los Angeles-San Diego Air Line (Ryan Airlines) Undated (c. 1925) (image of back of card w/tt added)
Potomac Flying Service (airline added) (no timetables)
SCADTA 1931 brochure (image added)
USOA - United States Overseas Airways (airline added)
Winged America Airlines (airline added) (no timetables)

August 3, 2003:
In the August issue of the German magazine Aero International you will find an article on the collecting of airline timetables, featuring timetables shown on this website.

July 23, 2003:
A. Fecteau Transport Aérien (airline added)
CoVal Air (airline added)
Hub Airlines (airline added)
Inter City Air (airline added)
KD Air (airline added)
Les Ailes du Nord (Northern Wings) (airline added)
Québec Aviation (airline added)
Southern Frontier Air Transport (airline added)
TAG Airlines July 1, 1965 (image added)
Trans-Provincial Airlines (airline added)
Vancouver Island Air (airline added)

July 21, 2003:
Air Florida September 27, 1972 (image added)
Bankair Commuter Airlines (airline added)
Copenhagen Airtaxi (airline added)
Dawn Air (airline added)
HW Air (airline added)
National Airlines October 26, 1958 (image added)
Newport Aero (airline added)
Northwest Airlines November 1, 1946 (image added)
Skyline (airline added)
SüdwestFlug (airline added)
Trans East Airlines (airline added)
Vero Monmouth Airlines (airline added)

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