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ABA-SAS Flyghistorisk Förening
ABA-SAS Historical Collection

ABA-SAS Flyghistorisk Förening is a society closely linked to SAS and through its Historical Collection sharing many gems with the SAS Archive. It is based at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and had a permanent exhibition (a complement to the SAS Museum in Oslo) showing the development of SAS and its predecessors ABA, DDL and DNL. Lots of interesting memorabilia were on display. Unfortunately, the exhibition is closed for the moment. It will open at new premises in due time, though right now there is no information as to where and when.

The ABA-SAS Historical Collection has generously contributed a vast number of timetable images to this website. There are images of timetables of ABA - AB Aerotransport, DDL - Det Danske Luftfartselskab, DNL - Det Norske Luftfartselskap, Dansk Lufttransport, PLS - Provins Luftfartselskabet, Scandinavian Air Express and, of course, SAS - Scandinavian Airlines.

SAS 1957

Catch a glimpse of the exhibition as it was:

(All photos: Mikael Öqvist - who also designed and built the exhibition)


Please note: The exhibition is closed for the moment.


Some information in Swedish:

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