Air Sinai 1982

Malayan Airways 1950

Dniproavia 1999

Compañía Dominicana de Aviación 1958

Below is a list of airlines with timetable cover images on this site. The airlines are grouped by geographic region:

North America (except the USA)
North America (the USA only)
South America


The symbol * after an airline (in the list below) indicates that there is at least one image of the interior of a timetable of that airline, in addition to the usual cover image. Such an image may show e.g. a description of routes flown or aircraft used, the actual flight schedule (or an excerpt), a route map, or combinations of these. See the list of complete timetables for timetables which have been scanned in their entirety.

The symbol ª after an airline (in the list below) indicates that there is at least one baggage label of this airline. The timetable page of the airline has a link to a separate page of labels. In addition, airlines with baggage labels are listed on a separate index page.

Most timetables are system timetables. With each image comes the effective date, and with no other information given, you may assume it is a system, either the main edition for international use (primary system) or a home edition for use in the airline's country of origin. Other types of timetables have been marked accordingly.

Unfortunately, some timetables have not been scanned with optimal settings and the images are not of the quality you should expect, so we are slowly, but constantly, rescanning timetables and substituting images. Please note that the scanning of items belonging to other collectors has been beyond our control.

Originally, we had plans to include a few notes with each airline, giving date of foundation, change of names and other information of interest. Too big a task with limited resources, only a small portion of the airline pages have been "graced" with this type of information, but we continue at a slow pace. See the list of books we are using for this purpose.

If we find (or we are advised of) a good website detailing the history of a certain airline and/or showing photos of the airline's fleet, past and present, we will include a link on our page for that airline.


A website (in German) with a number of airline histories and photos is René Dannies':

China Eastern Airlines Wuhan 2002

DDL - Det Danske Luftfartselskab 1939

Ural Airlines 2000

Crested Butte Air Service 1977

Airlines of Africa:

Airlines by country

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

1time Airline
Aéro Africaine
Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria
AeroLink *
Aéromaritime (1930s-40s)
Aero Zambia
Affretair *
Afriqiyah Airways
Air Affaires Gabon
Air Afrique (1930s-40s) *
Air Afrique (1960s-90s) *
Air Algérie * ª
Air Atlas * ª
Air Austral *
Air Bénin *
Air Bissau
Air Botswana *
Air Bourbon *
Air Brousse *
Air Burkina *
Air Burundi
Air Cairo *
Air Cameroun *
Air Cape
Air Comores *
Air Congo (1960s-70s) * ª
Air Djibouti *
Air Gabon *
Air Gambia
Air Ivoire *
Airkenya *
Air Lesotho *
Air Liberia
Airlink Airlines
Air Madagascar (1940s-60s) *
Air Madagascar (present)
Air Malawi *
Air Mali (1960s-80s) *
Air Mali (1990s-2000s)
Air Maroc *
Air Mauritanie *
Air Mauritius *
Air Namibia
Air Niger
Air Rhodesia *
Air Rwanda *
Air São Tomé e Príncipe
Air Sénégal *
Air Sénégal International *
Air Seychelles *
Air Sinai
Air Tanzania *
Air Togo (Transtel Air Togo)
Air Uganda
Air Volta *
Air Zaïre *
Air Zimbabwe *
Air Zimbabwe Rhodesia *
Alliance Air
Antinea Airlines *
Antrak Air *
Apstar Ghana
Arabia - Arab International Airlines
Arik Air
Atlas Blue
Auric Air *
Avia Airlines
Avion Express
Avna Airlines *
Bellview Airlines
Blue Bird Aviation
Bop Air *
Botswana Airways Corporation
Bravo Air Congo
CAA - Central African Airways *
Cabo Verde Airlines - TACV *
Cameroon Airlines * ª
Central African Airways - CAA *
Chanchangi Airlines - CAL *
Charlan Air
Coastal Aviation *
Command Airways
Commercial Air Services - CAS *
Compagnie Générale Transsaharienne
Cooper Skybird Aircharters
DETA * ª
Eagle Air
East African Airways - EAA * ª
Eastern Air
ECAir - Equatorial Congo Airlines
EgyptAir *
Emric Air Services
Equatorial International Airlines of São Tomé and Príncipe *
Eritrean Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines * ª
Flightlink *
Gabon Airlines
Gambia Airways
Gambia Bird Airlines *
Gambia International Airlines - GIA
Ghana Airways *
Ghana International Airlines *
Giyani Airways *
Hewa Bora Airways *
Hunting-Clan African Airways *
Inter Air
Inter Air Services
International Air *
Kenya Airways *
Khalifa Airways
Kingdom of Libya Airlines *
LAGE (Líneas Aéreas de Guinea Ecuatorial)
LAM - Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique
LANA - Lignes Aériennes Nord-Africaines *
Lesotho Airways *
Letaba Airways
Liberian National Airlines *
Libiavia (NAA Libiavia) *
Libyan Airways
Libyan Arab Airlines *
Linhas Aéreas de Angola (TAAG Angola Airlines) *
Link Airways
Magnum Airlines
MAS - Mediterranean Air Service
Mauritania Airways
Metavia Airlines *
Misrair (1940s-50s) * ª
Misrair (1960s-70s) *
Misr Airlines * ª
Misr Airwork * ª
Mmabatho Air *
NAA Libiavia *
NAC - National Airways Corporation
Namib Air
National Airlines - NAL *
Nationwide Airlines
Nigeria Airways *
1time Airline
PrecisionAir *
Prestige Air Services
RANA - Rhodesian and Nyasaland Airways
Red Sea Air
Régie Air Afrique * ª
Regional Air
Regional Air Lines
Regional Air Services
Rhodesian Air Services - RAS *
Royal Air Inter *
Royal Air Maroc * ª
Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation *
Rwandair Express
SAA - South African Airways * ª
SA Airlink
SA Alliance Air
SA Alliance Express
SA Express
Sabena Nationwide Air
Safair *
Service des Transports Aériens du Burundi - STAB *
Shorouk Air
Sierra Leone Airlines *
Sierra Leone Airways *
Sierra National Airlines - SNA
Somali Airlines *
Société de Travail Aérien - STA *
South African Airlink
South African Airways - SAA * ª
South West African Airways
South West Air Transport *
SRAS - Southern Rhodesia Air Services *
STAB - Service des Transports Aériens du Burundi *
STA Trans African Airlines *
Sudan Airways * ª
Suidwes Lugdiens *
Sun Air
Sunbird Aviation *
Swazi Air *
Swazi Express Airways
Syphax Airlines
TAAG Angola Airlines *
TACV - Cabo Verde Airlines *
TAG - Transports Aériens du Gabon *
TAGP - Transportes Aéreos da Guiné Portuguesa
Theron Airways *
Toumaï air Chad
Transgabon *
Transkei Airways *
Transtel Air Togo
Trek Airways *
Tunisair * ª
Tunisavia *
UAA - United Arab Airlines * ª
Uganda Airlines
Union Airways *
United Air
United Arab Airlines - UAA * ª
Velvet Sky
Virgin Nigeria Airways
WAAC - West African Airways Corporation * ª
WAAC (Nigeria)
West African Airlines
West African Airways - WAA *
Wilson Airways * ª
Zambia Airways *
Zambian Airways *
Zambian Express Airways
ZanAir *
ZAS Airline of Egypt
Zimbabwe Express Airlines *

Airlines of Asia:

Airlines by country

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

AAC - Asahi Airlines Commuter
Adam Air
Aden Airways * ª
Aerial Transport Company of Siam *
Aero Asia *
Aero Mongolia *
Air Andaman
AirAsia X
Air Astana *
Air Bagan
Air Busan
Air Cambodge
Air Carnival
Air Ceylon *
Air China *
Air Deccan
Air Do
Air Efata
Air Hongkong *
Air-India (1940s-50s)
Air-India (present)
Air India Express *
Air-India International * ª
Air India Regional
Air Jordan * ª
Air Jordan of the Holy Land
Air Kazakhstan *
Air KBZ *
Air Koryo *
Airlanka *
Air Laos * ª
Air Liban * ª
Air Macau
Air Maldives
Air Mandalay
Air Nepal International - ANI *
Air Nippon
Air Paradise International
Air Pegasus
Airphil Express
Air Philippines
Air Sahara
Air Services of India - ASI *
Air Siam *
Air Vietnam * ª
Airwagon International - Awair
Airways (India) *
Airzena Georgian Airlines
Alia - Royal Jordanian Airlines *
Alliance Air
Alyemda - Democratic Yemen Airlines
Alyemen - Airlines of Yemen
Amakusa Airlines - AMX
ANA - All Nippon Airways * ª
Angel Air
Angkor Airways
Arab Airways (Jerusalem) * ª
Aramco (Arabian American Oil Co.)
Ariana Afghan Airlines *
Arkia Israeli Airlines * ª
Armenian Airlines *
Asahi Airlines Commuter - AAC
Asiana Airlines *
Asian Spirit
Asian Wings Airways *
Awair - Airwagon International
Azerbaijan Airlines *
Bahrain Air
Bakhtar Afghan Airlines *
Bangkok Airways *
Bassaka Air
Batavia Air
Berjaya Air *
Bharat Airways
Bhoja Air
Bhutan Airlines
Biman Bangladesh Airlines *
Borneo Airways *
Bouraq Indonesia Airlines *
Burma Airways Corporation *
CAAC - Civil Aviation Administration of China * ª
Cambodia Angkor Air
Cambodia Bayon Airlines
Cambodia International Airlines
CAT - Civil Air Transport * ª
Cathay Pacific Airways * ª
Cebu Pacific Air
CGT (or CGDT) - Compagnie Générale de Transports * ª
Chang'an Airlines
China Airlines ª
China Asia Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines Wuhan
China General Aviation Corporation
China National Aviation Corporation - CNAC (1930s-40s) * ª
China Northern Airlines
China Northern Swan Airlines
China Northwest Airlines
China Southern Airlines
China Southwest Airlines
China United Airlines
China Xinhua Airlines
China Xinjiang Airlines
China Yunnan Airlines
Chosonminhang - Korean Airways *
Cinnamon Air
Citilink Garuda Indonesia
City Airlink Corporation
Civil Air Transport - CAT * ª
Civil Aviation Administration of China - CAAC * ª
CNAC - China National Aviation Corporation (1930s-40s) * ª
CNAC-Zhejiang Airlines
Compagnie Générale de Transports - CGT (or CGDT) * ª
Dai Nippon Koku (Greater Japan Airlines) *
Damania Airways
Deccan Airways * ª
De Kroonduif *
Deraya Air
Drukair - Royal Bhutan Airlines *
Eastar Jet *
East Star Airlines *
El Al Israel Airlines * ª
Emarat Link
Emirates *
Etihad Airways
Eurasia * ª
EVA Air *
Far Eastern Airlines - FEA * ª
Far Eastern Air Transport - FAT *
FDA - Fuji Dream Airlines *
Federation Air Service *
Filipinas Orient Airways *
First Cambodia Airlines *
FMI Air Charter
Formosa Airlines
Foshing Airlines *
Fuji Air Lines *
Fuji Dream Airlines - FDA *
Fujita Air Lines *
Garuda Indonesia * ª
GMG Airlines
Go Air
Goa Way
Golden Myanmar Airlines *
Great China Airlines *
Greater Japan Air Lines (Dai Nippon Koku)
Gujarat Airways *
Gulf Air
Gulf Aviation *
Gulf Traveller
HAC - Hokkaido Air System *
Hainan Airlines
Hangard Airlines *
Hàng Không Viêt Nam (Air Vietnam) (1950s-70s) *
Hàng Không Viêt Nam (1970s-80s) *
Hansung Airlines
Happy Air
Hebei Airlines *
Heli Express
Hong Kong Air International
Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Airways *
Hong Kong Express
Hua Hin Air Shuttle
Hunnu Air *
ICS - Israeli Charter Service *
Iki International Airlines
Imair *
INAEC - Iloilo-Negros Air Express Co.
Indian Airlines - IAC * ª
Indian National Airways
Indochina Airlines
Indonesian Airlines *
Iranair (Iranian Airways) * ª
Iran Air *
Iran Aseman Airlines
Iraqi Airways * ª
Interisland Airlines
JAC - Japan Air Commuter
JAL - Japan Airlines * ª
Japan Air Transport Co. * ª
Japan Asia Airways - JAA
Japan Domestic Airlines - JDA *
JAS (Japan Air Sightseeing?) *
JAS - Japan Air System
Jatayu Airlines
Jeju Air
Jet Airways ª
Jetstar Asia *
JHAT - Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transports Co. *
Jiangxi Air
Jin Air
Jordan Airways *
JTA - Japan Transocean Air
JuneYao Airlines
KAK - Kanki Airlines
KAL - Korean Air Lines
Kampuchea Airlines
Kan Air
Kartika Airlines
Kazair - Kazakhstan Airlines
Kingfisher Airlines
KNA - Kuwait National Airways *
KNILM - Royal Netherlands Indies' Airways * ª
Korean Air
Koreanair (Korean National Airlines - KNA) * ª
Korean Air Lines - KAL
Korean National Airlines - KNA (Koreanair) * ª
Kuwait Airways * ª
Kyokushin Air
Kyrgyzstan Airlines
Laoag International Airlines
Lao Air Lines (1960s-70s)
Lao Airlines (present)
Lao Aviation *
Lao Central Airlines *
LIA - Lebanese International Airways *
Linus Airways
Lion Air (Indonesia)
Lionair (Sri Lanka)
Lucky Air *
Macair (Malaysia Air Charter)
Macau Airtransport
Madras Air Taxi Service
Mahan Air
MAI - Myanmar Airways International
Makung Airlines *
Malayan Airways *
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysian Airline System - MAS
Malaysian Airways
Malaysia-Singapore Airlines - MSA
Manchuria Aviation Co. (Manchurian Air Transport - MKKK) * ª
Mandala Airlines *
Mandarin Airlines
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines
MAS - Malaysian Airline System
MDLR Airlines
MEA - Middle East Airlines * ª
Mekong Airlines
Merpati Nusantara Airlines *
Mesopotamia Air
MIAT - Mongolian Airlines
Middle East Airlines - MEA * ª
Mihin Lanka
Mindanao Express *
Mongolian Airlines Group *
MSA - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines
Myanma Airways
Myanmar Airways International - MAI
Nagasaki Airways - NAW *
NAL - Naka Nihon Air Service
Nas Air
Necon Air ª
Nepal Airlines
New Central Air Service - NCA *
Nippon Cargo Airlines
Nippon Yuran Airlines *
Nitto Air Lines *
NJA - North Japan Airlines *
NKA - Nihon Kinkyori Airways *
NKYK - Nippon Koku Yuso Kenkyujo *
NKYKK - Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha (Japan Air Transport Co.)
Nok Air *
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
OK Air *
Oman Air
Oman Aviation
ORC - Oriental Air Bridge
Orient Airways *
Orient Express Air
Orient Thai Airlines
Pacific Airlines
Pakistan International Airlines - PIA *
PAL - Philippine Airlines * ª
PAL Express
Palestine Airways *
Paramount Airways
PATCO - Philippine Aerial Taxi Co. *
PATI - Philippine AeroTransport
Pelangi Air *
Pelita Air
Persian Air Services - PAS *
Philippine Airlines - PAL * ª
Phuket Air
PIA - Pakistan International Airlines *
PMT air *
President Airlines
Qatar Airways
RAC - Ryukyu Air Commuter *
Regent Airways
Riau Airlines
Royal Air Cambodge (1950s-60s) * ª
Royal Air Cambodge (1990s)
Royal Air Lao *
Royal Bengal
Royal Brunei Airlines
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Royal Nepal Airlines * ª
Royal Pnom Penh Airways
Royal Wings Airlines
Ryukyu Air Commuter - RAC
Safi Airways
Sahara Airlines
Saudi Arabian Airlines *
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Co.)
Sayakhat Air Company
Scoot *
Sempati Air
Setouchi Seaplanes
SGA Airlines
Shaheen Air International
Shandong Airlines
Shanghai Airlines *
Shantou Airlines
Shanxi Airlines *
Shenzhen Airlines
Sichuan Airlines
Siem Reap Airways International
Singapore Airlines *
SK Air
Skyline NEPC
Skymark Airlines
Skynet Asia Airways - SNA
Sky Shuttle
Solar Air
Solaseed Air
SpiceJet *
Spring Airlines *
Spring Japan Airlines *
SriLankan Airlines
Sriwijaya Air *
Star Air
Sujata Airlinks
SWAL - Southwest Air Lines *
Sun d'Or International Airlines
Syrian Airways * ª
Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair) *
TAIP - Transportes Aéreos da Índia Portuguesa *
Taiwan Airlines
Tajik Air
Tata Air Lines *
Tata Sons * ª
TDA - Toa Domestic Airlines *
Thai AirAsia
Thai Airways Co. - TAC * ª
Thai Airways International (THAI) * ª
Thai Smile
Tiger Airways
TMA - Trans Mediterranean Airways *
Toa Airways - TAW *
Tokyo Ai Land Shuttle
Tokyo Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo Air Transport Co.)
Trans Arabia Airways *
TransAsia Airways
Trans Mediterranean Airways - TMA *
TransNusa Aviation
Transportes Aéreos da Índia Portuguesa - TAIP *
Trigana Air Service
Turkmenistan Airlines
T'way Airlines *
UBA - Union of Burma Airways *
Uni Air
United Airways *
US-Bangla Airlines
Uzbekistan Airways *
Vanilla Air *
Vietnam Airlines *
Vietnam Air Services Co. - VASCO
Vistara *
Wataniya Airways
Wearnes Air Services *
Wings Air
Wuhan Airlines
Xiamen Airlines
Xinjiang Airlines
Xpress Air
Yangon Airways
Yemen Airways *
Yeongnam Air *
Yokohama Koku Co. - YHK (Yokohama Airlines) *
Zhongyuan Airlines *

Airlines of Europe:

Airlines by country

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

ABA - AB Aerotransport (Swedish Air Lines) * ª
Abacus Air *
Aberdeen Airways (1930s) *
Aberdeen Airways (1980s-90s)
Aberdeen-London Express - ALex
AB Shannon
Ada Air
Ad Astra Aero (no timetables)
Adria Airways *
AeBal - Aerolíneas de Baleares
Aegean Airlines
AEI - Aero Espresso Italiana * ª
Aeralpi *
Aer Arann
Aéris Express
Aer Lingus * ª
Aéro Africaine
Aero Berlin *
Aerocondor France
Aero Espresso Italiana - AEI * ª
Aero Flight
Aeroflot *
Aeroleasing - ALG *
Aerolíneas de Baleares - AeBal
Aero Lloyd *
Aéromaritime (1930s-40s)
Aéromaritime International
Aeromost Kharkiv
Aeronaut *
Aero O/Y * ª
Aero Portuguesa * ª
Aéropostale * ª
Aeroput * ª
Aero Trasporti Italiani - ATI
Aero VIP
Aigle Azur (1940s-50s) *
Aigle Azur (present)
Air 2000
Air Afrique *
Air Åland
Air Alpes *
Air Alps
Air Alsace *
Air Anatolia
Air Anglia
Air Anjou Transports *
Air Aquitaine *
Air Atlantique (France)
Air Atlantique (UK) *
Air Baltic *
Air Berlin
Air Berlin USA *
Air Bosna
Air Botnia
Air Bremen
Air Bretagne *
Air Business *
Aircam Aviation
Air Camelot *
Air Champagne Ardenne *
Air Charter (France)
Air Charter (UK) *
Air Comet
Air Commuter
Air Connect *
Air Corbière
Air Corse *
Air Corsica
Air Dispatch *
Air Dolomiti
Air Écosse *
Air Emilia *
Air Engiadina
Air Enterprises *
Air Europa
Air Europe (Italy)
Air Europe (UK) *
Air Europe Express *
Air Europe International
Air Exel (France) *
Air Exel Commuter (Netherlands) *
Air Express
Air Ferry *
Air France * ª
Air Furness *
Air Glaciers
Air Greece *
Air Greenland
Air Hamburg
Air Iceland (Flugfélag Íslands)
Air Inter *
Air Inter Europe *
Air Jet *
Air Kent *
Air Kilroe
Air Kruise *
Air Languedoc *
Air Lib
Air Liberté *
Air Limousin - ALTA *
Air Lithuania
Air Littoral *
Air Lloyd *
Air Luxor
Air Madrid
Air Malta (1940s-50s) *
Air Malta (present)
Air Moldova
Air Moldova International
Air Nordic *
Air Normandie
Air Norway
Air Nostrum
Airone (1940s) *
Air One (1980s-2010s)
Air Orient * ª
Air Ostrava
Air Ouest
Air Outre Mer - AOM
Air Paris *
Air Pegasus
Air Polonia
Air Provence International
Air Rouergue *
Air Safaris *
Air Sardinia
Air Sarnia *
Air Sea Service *
Air Serbia
Air Service Berlin *
Air Service Hungary *
Air Sicilia
Air South West (1990s)
Air Southwest (2000s-10s)
Air Stord
Air Straubing
Air Swift
Air Toulouse International
Air Track Líneas Aéreas
Air Traffic
Air Transport *
Air Transport Charter (CI) - ATC *
Air Transport Pyrénées - ATP
Air Turquoise
Air 2000
Air UK
Air Ukraine
Air Ukraine International *
Air Ulster *
Air Union (France) * ª
AiRUnion (Russia)
Air Vallée
Air Vendée *
Air Vitkovice *
Air Volga
Air Wales (1970s)
Air Wales (1990s-2000s)
Air West (France) *
Air Westward *
Airwork *
Air Yugoslavia
Airzena Georgian Airlines
Ajet Aviation
Akdeniz Airlines
ALAG - Alpine Luft-Transport *
Ala Littoria * ª
Albanian Airlines
Albatros Airways
ALex - Aberdeen-London Express
Alfred Comte Luftverkehr und Flugzeugkonstruktion
ALG - Aeroleasing *
ALI - Avio Linee Italiane * ª
ALI-Flotte Riunite
Alisarda *
Alitalia *
ALK - Kuban Airlines
Allied Airways (Gandar Dower) *
Alpar ª *
Alpi Eagles
ALTA - Air Limousin *
AMA (Aero Marketing AB) *
AMA Air Express
AMA-Flyg *
AMA-Flyg Norving
AME - Aeroporike Metaphore Ellados *
Angara Airlines
AOM French Airlines
Apollo Airlines
Aquila Airways *
Arctic Air
Arcus Air Logistic
Arkhangelsk Airlines - AVL
Arnarflug (Eagle Air) *
Arosflyg Air-X
Artop (Aero-Topográfica) *
ATC - Air Transport Charter (CI) *
Athens Airways
ATI - Aero Trasporti Italiani
Atlantic Airways
Atlantic Express
Atlas Air
ATP - Air Transport Pyrénées
ATS Vulcan
Augsburg Airways
Aurigny Air Services *
Aurora Airlines *
Austrian Airlines * ª
Austrian Air Service (ÖLAG) *
Austrian Air Services
Austroflug (ÖLAG) * ª
Autair International Airways *
Aviaco *
Aviation Assistance
Avies Air Company
Avio Ligure
Avio Linee Italiane - ALI * ª
Axon Airlines
Azur Hélicoptère
Azzurra Air *
Badischen Luftverkehrsgesellschaft - BLG
BAF - British Air Ferries *
Balair (1920s-30s) * ª
Balair (1950s-2000s)
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines *
Baltic Airlines
Baltic International Airlines
BANCO - British Air Navigation Co. * ª
B&H Airlines
Baron Air
BASE Business Airlines
Bashkirian Airlines
Basiq Air
Baťa (Bata Shoes) *
Bavaria Fluggesellschaft
BEA - Birmingham European Airways
BEA - British European Airways (1940s-70s) * ª
BEA Helicopters
Belavia (Belarusian Airlines)
Belle Air
Bergen Air Transport
Berliner Spezial Flug - BSF
Berlin Regional UK
BFD - Bayerischer Flugdienst *
B&H Airlines
BIA - British Island Airways (1970s-80s)
BIA - British Island Airways (1980s-90s) *
Binter Canarias
Binter Mediterráneo
Birmingham European Airways - BEA
Birmingham Executive Airways
BKS Air Transport *
Blackpool & West Coast Air Services ª
Blue Air
Blue Islands
Blue Sky Carrier
BNWA - British NorthWest Airlines
BOAC - British Overseas Airways Corporation * ª
Boğaziçi Hava Taşımacılığı - BHT
Braathens * ª
Braathens Malmö Aviation
Braathens Sverige
Bretagne Air Services
Brit Air *
Britannia Airways
British Air Ferries - BAF *
British Air Navigation Co. - BANCO * ª
British Air Services
British Airtours
British Airways (1930s) * ª
British Airways (present)
British Airways Helicopters
British Asia Airways
British Caledonian Airways *
British Caledonian Commuter (operated by Connectair)
British Continental Airways * ª
British Eagle International Airlines *
British European (2000s)
British European Airways - BEA (1940s-70s) * ª
British Independent Airways
British International
British Island Airways - BIA (1970s-80s)
British Island Airways - BIA (1980s-90s) *
British Mediterranean Airways
British Midland Airways *
British NorthWest Airlines - BNWA
British Overseas Airways Corporation - BOAC * ª
British South American Airways - BSAA * ª
British United Air Ferries *
British United Airways - BUA *
British United (CI) Airways *
British United Island Airways - BUIA
British Westpoint Airlines *
British World Airlines
Brown Air
Brussels Airlines
Brymon Airways *
Brymon European Airways
BSAA - British South American Airways * ª
BUA - British United Airways *
BUIA - British United Island Airways
Bulgaria Air
Bunavad ª
Burnthills Highland Helicopter Service *
Bursa Airlines (Bursa Hava Yolları - BHY) *
Business Air
Business Flight
CAE - Compagnie Aéronautique Européenne
CAF - Compagnie Aérienne Française ª
CAL - Compagnie Aérienne du Languedoc *
Cal Air International
Caledonian/BUA *
CAM - Corporate Aircraft Management *
Cambrian Air Services - CAS *
Cambrian Airways *
Canarias Regional Air
Capital Airlines
Cargolux ª
CAT - Cologne Air Transport
CCM Airlines *
Centennial Airlines
Československá Letecká Společnost - ČLS (Czechoslovak Air Transport Co.) * ª
Československé Státní Aerolinie * ª
Channel Air Bridge
Channel Air Ferries *
Channel Airways *
Channel Islands Airways
Chieftain Airways
CIDNA - Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne * ª
Cimber Air *
Cimber Air GmbH *
Cirrus Airlines
City Air Bus
City Airline *
City Bird
City Connect Airlines
CityFlyer Express
City Star Airlines
Citywing *
ČLS - Československá Letecká Společnost (Czechoslovak Air Transport Co.) * ª
Club Air
CMA - Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes *
Coast Air
COBETA (Compagnie Belge de Transports Aériens)
Cobham Air Routes *
Cologne Air Transport - CAT
Color Air *
Comed Aviation
Community Express Airlines
Compagnia Italiana Elicotteri *
Compagnie Aérienne du Languedoc - CAL *
Compagnie Aérienne Française - CAF ª
Compagnie Aéronautique Européenne - CAE
Compagnie Air Transport *
Compagnie Corse Méditerranée
Compagnie des Grands Express Aériens * ª
Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes - CMA *
Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aérienne
Compagnie Générale Transaérienne *
Compagnie Générale Transsaharienne
Companhia de Transportes Aéreos - CTA ª
Comte Luftverkehr und Flugzeugkonstruktion, Alfred
Connectair *
Contact Air Interregional
Copenhagen Airtaxi
Corendon Airlines
Corsair *
Cosmos Air
Crilly Airways ª
Croatia Airlines
Cronus Airlines
Crossair *
ČSA - Československé Aerolinie * ª
ČSA Czech Airlines
CTA - Companhia de Transportes Aéreos ª
Cunard Eagle Airways *
Cyprus Airways *
Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY - Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları) *
Dac Air
Daimler Airway *
Dalavia - Far East Airways
Dan-Air *
Danish Air Transport
Dansk Lufttransport *
Darwin Airline *
DDL - Det Danske Luftfartselskab (Danish Air Lines) * ª
Delta Air
Denim Airways
Derby Airways *
Derby Aviation
Deruluft * ª
Det Danske Luftfartselskab - DDL (Danish Air Lines) * ª
Det Norske Luftfartselskap - DNL (Norwegian Air Lines) * ª
Deutsche BA - dba
Deutsche Lufthansa (1920s-40s) * ª
Deutsche Lufthansa (1950s-60s - GDR) * ª
Deutsche Lufthansa (present) *
Deutsche Luft-Reederei *
Deutsche Nah-Luftverkehr *
Deutscher Aero Lloyd * ª
Deutsche Taxiflug *
Deutsche Verkehrsflug ª
Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei * ª
DHY - Devlet Hava Yolları * ª
Dirac Aviation
DirectAir *
Discovery Travel
DLT (Deutsche Luftverkehrsgesellschaft) *
DNL - Det Norske Luftfartselskap (Norwegian Air Lines) * ª
Dobrolet *
Domodedovo Airlines
Donbass - Eastern Ukrainian Airlines
Don Everall Aviation
Dragon Airways *
Drakk'Air *
Dutch Air Ferries
EAE - European Air Express
Eagle Air (Arnarflug) *
Eagle Airways *
Eagle Aviation *
Eagle European Airways
EAS Europe Airlines
East Anglian Flying Services - EAFS ("Channel Airways") *
Eastern Airways (1970s-80s)
Eastern Airways (present)
East Line Airlines
Eastwest Airlines
EBA Express
Edelweiss Air
El-Dror Air Transport Corporation
ELK - Eesti Lennukompanii (Estonian Aviation Company)
ELK Airways (ELK Lennuliinid) *
Ellan-Vannin Airlines - EVA
Emerald Airways (1960s) *
Emerald Airways (1980s-2000s)
Emerald European Airways
ERA - European Regions Airlines
ESS Luftfahrtunternehmen
Estonian Air
Estonian Aviation Company (ELK)
Etihad Regional (op'd by Darwin Airline) *
Euro Air
EuroBerlin France
Euroceltic Airways
Eurocity Express
Eurocypria Airlines *
Euro Direct Airlines
Eurofly *
Europe Aéro Service - EAS
European Air Express - EAE
European Airways
European Executive Express
European Regions Airlines - ERA
EuroScot Express
Euroworld Airways
EVA - Ellan-Vannin Airlines
Excalibur Airways
Fairlines *
Fairways Rotterdam *
Falck's Flyvetjeneste
Falcon Air
Far Airlines
Farman * ª
Fast Airways Holland
FBB - Flugbetriebs GmbH
Federico II Airways
Fingland's Airways
Finist'Air *
Finnair * ª
Finnaviation *
Finncomm Airlines *
First Choice Airways
Flandre Air *
Flexair *
Flight Travel Service - FTS *
FLN - Frisia-Luftverkehr Norddeich
Flugbetriebs GmbH - FBB
Flugdienst Pegasus
Flugfélag Austurlands
Flugfélag Íslands (Air Iceland)
Flugfélag Íslands (Icelandair) * ª
Flugfélag Norðurlands
Flugleiðir (Icelandair)
Fly Air
Fly European
flyFTI *
Flygtrafikbolaget Stockholm-Göteborg *
Flying Enterprise
Flykeen Airways
flyLAL - Lithuanian Airlines
Fly Lappeenranta
Flytouropa *
Flywatch Air Services
Franc's Flug Dienst
FTS - Flight Travel Service *
Fyn Air Taxi
Galaxy Airways
Gama Aviation
GB Airways *
General Air *
Genesis Airways
Germania Express - GEXX
Germania Flug
German Wings (1980s-90s)
Germanwings (present)
Gibraltar Airways *
Gill Airways
Go *
Golden Air (1970s-80s)
Golden Air (1980s-2010s)
Goldwing Airlines
Grands Express Aériens * ª
Great Western & Southern Air Lines * ª
Grønlandsfly (Greenlandair) *
Guernsey Airlines
Guernsey Airways
GWR Air Services *
Hadag Air *
Hahn Air *
Hahn Airlines
Hamburg Airlines *
Hamburg International
Handley Page Transport * ª
Hanse Express
Hapag-Lloyd Express - HLX
Hapag-Lloyd Flug
Harvest Aviation
Haywards Aviation
HEES * ª
Helgoland Airlines
Heli Air Monaco
Helicópteros del Sureste - HSE
Héli-Inter Riviera
Helios Airways
Héli Sécurité
Hellas Jet
Hellenic Airlines - HELLAS *
Helvetic Airways
Hemus Air *
Hex'Air *
Highland Air
Highland Airways (1930s) * ª
Highland Express Airways *
Hillman's Airways * ª
HLX - Hapag-Lloyd Express
Höga Kusten Flyg *
Holiday Express
Holland Aerolines
Holmstroem Air
HSE - Helicópteros del Sureste
Humber Airways
Hunting Air Transport *
Hunting-Clan Air Transport *
HW Air
IBA - International Business Air
Iberia (Líneas Aéreas de España) * ª
Icelandair *
Iceland Airways * ª
Icelandic Airlines (Loftleiðir) * ª
IFG - Interregional Fluggesellschaft *
Imperial Airways * ª
Inex Adria Aviopromet
Inner Circle Air Lines ª
Instone Air Line *
Inter City Airlines
Interflug ª
International Airlines *
International Flying Services
Interot Air Service
Interot Airways
InterSky *
Intra Airways
Intra Jersey Airways
Iona National Airways
Irish Sea Airways *
Islas Airways
Isle of Man Air Services *
Isles of Scilly Skybus
İstanbul Airlines Istanbul Airlines
ItAli Airlines
Itavia *
Jade Air
Jat Airways
JAT (Jugoslovenski Aerotransport) *
Jersey Airlines *
Jersey Airways *
Jersey European Airways
Jet Air
Jet Europe
Jetstream Express
JF Airlines - JFA *
Junkers Luftverkehr * ª
Kaliningrad Air Enterprise
Kallistair *
Karair *
Karhumäki Airways *
Karlog Air *
Kato Airline
Kavminvodyavia - KMV
Keenair Charter
Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları - KTHY *
KLM alps/Air Alps Aviation
KLM alps/Air Engiadina
KLM cityhopper
KLM exel
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines * ª
KLM uk
KMV - Kavminvodyavia
Knight Air
Kras Air (Krasnoyarsk Airlines)
KTHY - Kibris Türk Hava Yolları *
Kuban Airlines - ALK
Kyrnair *
LAI - Linee Aeree Italiane *
Laker Airways *
Lakeside North West
LANA - Lignes Aériennes Nord-Africaines
Lancashire Aircraft Corporation - LAC *
LAPE - Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas
Lapplandsflyg (Lap Air)
LAR - Ligações Aéreas Regionais *
LAR Transregional
Latécoère * ª
Latvian Airlines (Latvijas Aviolīnijas - Latavio)
Latvijas Gaisa Satiksmes
Lauda Air
LeCocqs AirLink
Lettländische Luftverkehrs AG
LFH - Luftverkehr Friesland Harle
LGW (Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter)
Lignes Aériennes Latécoère * ª
Lignes Farman * ª
Limburg Airlines
Líneas Aéreas Guipuzcoanas
Líneas Aéreas Navarras
Linee Aeree Italiane - LAI *
Linjeflyg - LIN *
Lithuanian Airlines *
Lloyd Luftdienst *
Loftleiðir (Icelandic Airlines) * ª
Loganair *
London City Airways
London European Airways
LOT Polish Airlines (Polskie Linie Lotnicze) * ª
Love Air
LS&PA - London Scottish & Provincial Airways *
Lucas Aigle Azur
Lucas Air Transport
Lufthansa (present) *
Lufthansa Express
Luftschiffbau Zeppelin ª
Luftverkehr Friesland Harle - LFH
Luftverkehr Wilhemshaven-Friesland - LW *
Luxair *
Luxavia *
Luxembourg Airlines *
Lviv Airlines *
MAC - Malta Air Charter
Maersk Air *
Maj-Flyg *
Malert * ª
Malév Hungarian Airlines *
Malmö Aviation *
The Malta Airlines *
Malta Airways *
Manx2 *
Manx Airlines (1950s) *
Manx Airlines (1980s-2000s)
Master Aviation *
Maszovlet *
MAT Macedonian Airlines
MD Kallax
Med Airlines *
Melba Airways *
Mercury Airlines *
Meridiana *
Meridiana Air
Metro Airways
Metropolitan Airways
Midland & Scottish Air Ferries *
Midtfly International Airways
Mid Wales Development *
Minerva Airlines *
Minerve *
Moldavian Airlines
Monacair *
Monarch Airlines
Montana Austria *
Montenegro Airlines
Mørefly *
Morton Air Services *
Motor Sich
Muk Air
Nahluft (Deutsche Nah-Luftverkehr) *
Naske Air
National Commuter Airways - NCA
National Greek Airlines - TAE *
Navigazione Aerea - SANA * ª
NewAir (Denmark) *
New Air (UK)
Newquay Air
NFD - Nürnberger Flugdienst *
Nice Hélicoptères *
Noble Air
Nordair (no timetables) *
Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug * ª
Nordic East
Nordic European Airlines
Norman Edgar (Western Airways)
Norsk Air
Norske Luftruter * ª
Norsk Flytjeneste *
North Cross Airways
Northeast Airlines *
North Eastern Airways * ª
Northern Air Charter - NAC
Northern & Scottish Airways * ª
North Flying
North Sea Aerial & General Transport
Northwest Air
Norving *
Norway Airlines
Norwegian *
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Novosibirsk Avia (Novosibirsk Air Enterprise) *
Nürnberger Flugdienst - NFD *
Nyge Aero
ÖLAG (Austrian Air Service - Austroflug) * ª
Olley Air Service *
OLT - Ostfriesische Lufttransport
OLT Express
Olympic Airlines
Olympic Airways *
Orenburg Airlines
Orient Air
Orion Airways
Overseas Aviation (CI) *
Palair Macedonian Airlines
Palmair European
Peerusair *
Pegasus Airlines
Perm Airlines *
Personal Flying Service
PGA - Portugália Airlines
Platinum Air 2000 *
Pleuger Flug *
PLS - Provins Luftfartselskabet *
Polar Airlines
Polar Airways
Portsmouth, Southsea & Isle of Wight Aviation * ª
Primeflight *
Progressive Airways
Proteus Airlines
Provins Luftfartselskabet - PLS *
Provincial Airways * ª
PTL Luftfahrtunternehmen
Pulkovo Airlines
Pyrénair *
Railway Air Services - RAS * ª
RAS Flugggesellschaft
Regency Airways
Régie Air Afrique * ª
Region Airways
Régional Airlines *
RFG Regionalflug
Rhine Air
Riga Airlines - RIAIR
ROA - Roland Air *
Robin Hood Aviation
Rossiya - Russian Airlines
Rotterdam Airlines
Rousseau Aviation *
Russian Sky Airlines
Russow Aviation
Ryanair *
Ryanair Europe
S7 Airlines *
Saarbrücken Flugdienst (SB-Flug)
Sabena * ª
Sakha Avia
Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy (SAT Airlines)
SAL Luftverkehrsgesellschaft *
SAM - Societá Aerea Mediterranea (1920s-30s) * ª
Samara Airlines
SANA - Navigazione Aerea * ª
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines * ª
SAS Braathens
SAT Airlines (Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy)
SATA Air Açores
SATA Internacional
SATA - Sociedade Açoriana de Transportes Aéreos *
Savon Lentolinjat *
SB-Flug (Saarbrücken Flugdienst)
Scanair (no timetables) *
Scan Con Aiways
Scandinavian Air Express *
Scandinavian Airlines - SAS * ª
Schreiner Airways *
Scillonian Air Services *
Scot Airways
Scotia Helicopter Services
Scottish Airlines *
Scottish Airways ª
Scottish European Airways
Serviços Aéreos Portugueses ª
Severn Airways
Severstal Airlines
Shannon Executive Aviation
SHCA - Société Hellénique des Communications Aériennes * ª
Sibaviatrans - SIAT
Siberia Airlines
SILA (Swedish Intercontinental Airlines) ª
Silver City Airways *
Sir-Air *
SISA - Società Italiana Servizi Aerei *
Sivewright Airways *
SK Air
SkyBus Airways
Sky Europe Airlines
Sky Express
Skynet (Russia)
Skynet Airlines (Ireland)
Skyrover *
Sky Service
Sky-Trek Airlines
Skyways (Sweden)
Skyways (UK) *
Skyways Cargo Airline
Skyways Coach Air *
Skyways International *
Skyways of Scandinavia
Slov-Air *
Slovak Airlines
Smart Wings
SN Brussels Airlines
Sobelair * ª
Sochi Airlines Aviaprima
Società Aerea Mediterranea - SAM (1920s-30s) * ª
Société Hellénique des Communications Aériennes - SHCA * ª
Soder Airlines
Sönmez Holding Hava Yolları *
South East Air - SEA
Spacegrand Aviation *
Spartan Air Lines
S7 Airlines *
STAR (Société de Transports Aériens Rapides) *
Starways *
Sterling Airways
Sterling European Airlines
Strathair (Strathallan Air Services)
Styrian Spirit
Suckling Airways
Südavia *
Süddeutsche Luft Hansa (Southern Division of Deutsche Luft Hansa)
Sun-Air of Scandinavia *
Sunshine Aviation
Svitlet *
Sweden Airways
Swedeways Air Lines
Swe Fly
Swissair * ª
Swiss International Air Lines
Swisswings Airlines
Swiss World Airways
Syd Aero
Sylt Air
TAE - Greek Air Lines *
TAE - National Greek Airlines *
TAG City Air
TAI - Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux *
TAL - Thuringia Airlines
TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses * ª
TAP Portugal
TAROM Romanian Air Transport *
TAT European Airlines *
TAT - Touraine Air Transport *
Tatarstan Airlines
Tatra Air
Tavrey Airlines
TEA Switzerland *
TEA - Trans European Airways *
Teddy Air
Teesside Aviation
Tell Air
Tempelhof Airways USA *
Tempelhof Express Airlines - TEX
Thomas Cook Airlines
Thuringia Airlines - TAL
THY - Turkish Airlines
TIA Aviation
Tradewinds Airways
Transadriatica * ª
Transaero Airlines
Transair (UK) *
Transair Sweden AB - TSA (no timetables) * ª
Transalp *
Transavia Airlines
Transavio *
Transeast Airlines
Trans European Airways - TEA *
Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux - TAI
Travel Service Airlines
TSA - Transair Sweden AB (no timetables) * ª
TTA - Trans Travel Airlines
Türk Hava Taşımacılığı - THT *
Turkish Airlines *
Turkish Air Transport
Twente Airlines
Twin Jet
Tyrolean Airways
Tyumen Airlines
UAT - Union Aéromaritime de Transport *
UK International Airlines
Ukraine International Airlines *
Ukrvozdukhput *
UM Air
Unión Aérea Española ª
United Airways * ª
Ural Airlines
UTA - Union de Transports Aériens *
Varsity Express
V Bird
Veg Air
Venture Airways
Vichy Air Transport
Vildanden *
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Express *
VIVA air
Vladivostok Air
Vnukovo Airlines
Volare Airlines
WasaWings *
Welcome Air
Westair (UK)
Westair (France) *
West Air Executive
West Coast Air Services *
Western Airways *
Westküstenflug *
Westward Airways
Widerøe's Flyveselskap (og Polarfly) * ª
Widerøe Norsk Air
Wight Airlines
WindRose Aviation
Wizz Air
World Airlines
WOW air
Wrightways ª
Yakutia Airlines
Yamal Airlines
Yeadon Aviation
Yorkshire European Airways

Airlines of North America (except the USA):

Airlines by country

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

ACSA - Aerocarga SA *
ACT - Air Caribbean Transport *
Aéreo Calafia *
Aero California
Aerocaribbean *
Aerocaribe *
Aero Costa Rica
Aerocozumel *
Aerolíneas Bonanza
Aerolíneas del Pacífico
Aerolíneas Internacionales *
Aerolíneas Mexicanas *
Aerolíneas Vega *
Aeromaya *
Aeronaves Alimentadoras *
Aeronaves del Sureste *
Aeronaves de México *
Aeronica (Aerolíneas Nicaragüenses)
Aeroperlas *
Aero Trades (Western)
Aero Transportes SA - ATSA *
Aerovías Braniff *
Aerovías Centrales *
Aerovías Darienitas (Darien Airlines)
Aerovías Guest (Guest Airways) *
Aerovías Nacionales Puerto Rico *
Aerovías Panamá - APA (Panama Airways) *
Aerovías 'Q'
Aerovías Quisqueyana
Aerovías Reforma *
Aerovías Rojas
Aero Virgin Islands
A. Fecteau Transport Aérien
Air Alma *
Air Antilles
Air Aruba
Air Atlantic
Air Baffin
Air Bahama
Air BC
Air Best de Puerto Rico
Air Bras d'Or
Air Brazeau
Air BVI *
Air Caicos
Air Canada *
Air Caraïbes (1980s-90s)
Air Caraïbes (present)
Air Caravane *
Air Caribbean (Puerto Rico)
Air Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago)
Air Caribbean Transport - ACT
Air Club International
Air Creebec *
Air Foyal
Air Gaspé *
Air Guadeloupe *
Air Indies *
Air Inuit
Air Jamaica (1960s) *
Air Jamaica (1960s-2010s) *
Air Jamaica Express
Air Labrador
Air Laurentian *
Airlines of Carriacou
Air Manitoba (Northland Air Manitoba) *
Air Maritime
Air Martinique
Air Mikisew *
Air Montréal
Air Muskoka *
Air North
Air Nova
Air Ontario *
Air Panamá Internacional *
Air Saint-Barthélemy
Air Saint-Martin
Air Saint-Pierre *
Air Santo Domingo *
Air Sask
Air Satellite
Air Tindi
Air Toronto *
Air Transat
Airtransit *
Air Turks & Caicos *
Airwest Airlines
Aklak Air
Alas del Caribe
Alberni Airways *
Alberta Citylink
Algoma Airways *
Alkan Air *
ALM Dutch Antillean Airlines *
American Airlines de México *
ANSA - Aerolíneas del Norte *
Antilles Air Boats * ª
APA - Aerovías Panamá (Panama Airways) *
APA International Air *
Aquila Air Taxi
Arrow Airways *
Athabaska Airways
Atlantic Airways
Atlantic Central Airlines *
Austin Airways
Avia Air
Aviación del Noroeste *
Aviacsa *
Aviair Aviation
Avianca Costa Rica
Avianca El Salvador
Avianca Guatemala
Aviateca *
Avolar *
Awood Air
Bahamasair *
Bahamas Airways *
Baja Flying Service
Baxter Aviation
Bay Chaleur Air - BCA
Bayview Air Service *
BCA - British Caribbean Airways
BC Airlines - BCA *
Bearskin Airlines
Belize Airways
Bradley Air Services (First Air)
British Caribbean Airways (British Virgin Islands)
British Caribbean Airways - BCA (Jamaica)
British West Indian Airways - BWIA *
Burrard Air
BWIA International *
BWIA West Indies Airways
Calm Air
Canada 3000
Canadian Aircraft Renters - CAR
Canadian Airlines
Canadian Airlines International
Canadian Airways * ª
Canadian Colonial Airways Ltd.
Canadian North (Division of Canadian Airlines International)
Canadian North
Canadian Pacific Air Lines * ª
Canadian Transcontinental Airways
Canadian Western Airlines - CWA
CAR - Canadian Aircraft Renters
Caribair (Caribbean Atlantic Airlines) *
Caribbean Airlines (1990s - Jamaica)
Caribbean Airways
Caribbean International Airways - CIA
Carib Express
CAT (Corporación Aeronáutica de Transportes) *
Cayman Airways *
Cayman Brac Airways - CBA *
CDA - Compañía Dominicana de Aviación *
Central Airways *
Central Mountain Air
Chilliwack Aviation
Chitreana de Aviación *
City Express (Cité Express)
CMA (Mexicana) * ª
Coast Air Transport *
CoHata d'Haiti *
Colony Airlines
Commercial Airways
Commuter Express
Compañía Dominicana de Aviación - CDA *
Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación ª
COPA - Compañía Panameña de Aviación *
Copa Airlines *
Coral Air *
CoVal Air *
CPA - Canadian Pacific Airlines ª
CP Air *
Crown Air
Cubana *
Cypress Airlines *
Darien Airlines (Aerovías Darienitas)
DCA - Dutch Caribbean Airlines
Delta Express *
Dolphin Airlines (US Virgin Islands)
Dominicana (Compañía Dominicana de Aviación - CDA) *
Dominion Skyways *
Dorado Wings
Eagle Air Services
Eagle Airways (Bermuda) *
Eagle Air Services
Eastern Canada Air Lines
Eastern Provincial Airways - EPA *
Empresas Aero Alimentadoras *
Expreso Aéreo Interamericano
A. Fecteau Transport Aérien
First Air *
Flamenco Airways
Flamingo Airlines *
FlyGTA Airlines
Fly Jamaica Airways
Four Island Air
Four Star Air Cargo
Frontier Air
Gabrielle Air
Gateway Aviation
Georgian Bay Airways
Golfair *
Gomez Mendez Airlines *
Great Lakes Airlines
Great Northern Airways *
Grenada Airways
Greyhound Air
Guest Aerovías México (Guest Airways Mexico) *
Gulf-Air Aviation *
Haïti Air Inter
Harbour Air
Harmony Airways
HeliJet (HeliJet International)
Helijet Airways
Hyack Air
IAS - Inter-Island Air Services *
Integra Air
Inter-Canadien (1980s - formerly Quebecair)
Inter-Canadien (1990s - formerly Inter-Québec)
Inter City Air
Inter City Airways *
Inter-Island Air Services - IAS *
International Air Bahama
International Caribbean Airways - ICA
International Jetair *
Island Air (Canada)
Island Air (Cayman Islands)
Island Valley Airways *
Isthmian Airways *
Jamaica Air Service - JAS *
Jetair (International Jetair) *
KD Air
Kelner Airways
Kenn Borek Air
Keystone Air Service *
Kivalliq Air
Lab Air
LANSA - Líneas Aéreas Nacionales *
Laurentide Air Service
Les Ailes du Nord (Northern Wings) *
Líneas Aéreas de California *
Líneas Aéreas del Pacífico *
Mackenzie Air Service *
Maritime Airline *
Maritime Central Airways - MCA *
Maya Airways
Maya Island Air *
Mel Air
Mexicana * ª
Miksoo Aviation *
Montserrat Airways
Montserrat Aviation Services *
Nationair Canada
Nature Air
Nevis Express *
Nordair *
norOntair *
North Cariboo Air
North Cay Airways
Northern Wings (Les Ailes du Nord) *
Northland Air Manitoba *
North Vancouver Air
Northward Airlines
Northward Aviation *
Northwestern Air Lease
Northwest Territorial Airways
Oceanair *
Ontario Central Airlines *
Orca Airways
Out Island Airways *
Pacific Coastal Airlines
Pacific Western Airlines *
PAISA (Panameña de Aviación Internacional) *
Panamá Aeronaútica - VIP Airlines
Panama Airways (1930s) *
Panama Airways (APA - Aerovías Panamá) *
Panini (Servicio Aéreo Panini) ª
Perimeter Airlines
Porter Airlines
Powell Air
Prairie Airways *
Prairie Flying Service
Prince Edward Air
Pronto Airways *
Ptarmigan Airways
'Q' Airways
Quebecair *
Quebec Airways *
Québec Aviation
Queen Charlotte Airlines - QCA
QuikPass Airlines
Region Air Caribbean *
Régionn Air
Rimouski Airlines
Roots Air
Royalair *
Royal Aviation
Sarnia Airlines *
Saskair *
Saskatchewan Government Airways - SGA *
Seaborne Airlines
Servicio Aéreo Baja
Servicio Aéreo Leo Lopez
Servicio Aéreo Panini ª
Servicios Aéreos Litoral
Shuswap Air
Simpson Air
Skycraft Air Transport
Skylink Airlines
Skywalker *
Sky Xpress Airline
Sonicblue Airways
Southern Frontier Airlines
Southern Frontier Air Transport
Southern Provincial Airlines - SPA *
South West Air
Starlink Aviation
Sunaire Express
Superior Airways
TACA Airways *
TACA (de Honduras)
TACA de Nicaragua *
TACA International Airlines *
TAJ - Transportes Aéreos de Jalisco
TAN - Transportes Aéreos Nacionales *
TCA - Trans-Canada Airlines * ª
Tempus Air
Tiara Air
Tigres Voladores *
Tikal Jets Airlines
Time Air *
Time Airways
Tracon International Airline
Tradewinds & Western Airways *
Transair *
Trans Commuter Airline
Trans-Jamaican Airlines *
Trans Mar de Cortes *
Trans North Air *
Trans-Provincial Airlines
Transwest Air *
Travel Air *
Trillium Air
Trinidad & Tobago Air Services *
Trinity Air Bahamas
Triton Airlines
Tropic Air
United Air Services *
Vancouver Island Air
Vieques Air Link - VAL *
VIP Airlines - Panamá Aeronaútica
Virgin Air *
Virgin Islands Airways
Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle
Voyageur Airways
Wagair - Waglisla Air
Wasaya Airways
West Coast Air *
West Coast Air (present)
WestEx Airlines
West Indian Aerial Express *
Wheeler Airlines
Whistler Air
Wilderness Airline
Winair (Windward Islands Airways - WIA)
Yukon Southern Air Transport *

Airlines of North America (the USA only):

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A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

40-Mile Air *
AAA Airlines
AAI - Air Associates
AAI - Alaska Aeronautical Industries
AAT Airlines
AAXICO Airlines *
ABC Airlines
Access Air
Action Airlines
Aerie Airlines
Aero Coach
Aero Commuter
Aero Limited
Aeromarine Airways
Aeromarine West Indies Airways
Aeromech Airlines *
AeroSun International
Aerovías Nacionales Puerto Rico *
Aero Virgin Islands
AFS Airlines (Arcata Flying Service) *
Air 1 (1980s)
Air 21
Air Alpha
Air America (1940s-50s) *
Air America (1980s)
Air Associates - AAI
Air Astro
Air Atlanta *
AirAtlantic Airlines
Air Bahia *
Air Bama
Air Berlin USA *
Air Best de Puerto Rico
Air California
Air Caribbean
Air Carolina *
Air Catalina
Air Central (Oklahoma) *
Air Central (Texas)
Air Chaparral
Air Chico
Air Colorado
Air Cortez
Air Cortez International
Air Direct
Air East (Massachusetts) *
Air East Airlines (Louisiana)
AirExec *
Air Ferries *
Air-Flite *
Air Florida *
Air Gemini
Air General
Air Great Lakes
Air Hawaii (1960s)
Air Hawaii (1970s-80s)
Air Hemet *
Air Hyannis
Air Idaho *
Air Illinois
Air Indies *
Air International Airlines *
Air Iowa
Air Irvine
Air Kentucky *
Air LA
Air Laughlin
Air-Lift Commuter
Airlift International
Air Lincoln
Airline Feeder System
Air Link Airlines *
Air Link Airways
AirMarc Airlines
Air Metro
Air Miami
Air Michigan *
Air Micronesia
Air Mid-America Airlines
Air Midwest *
Air Missouri *
Air Molokai (1980s)
Air Molokai (1990s)
Air Molokai-Tropic Airlines
Air Nebraska
Air Nevada
Air New England
Air New Orleans
Air New Ulm
Air Niagara
Air North (1970s-80s - Vermont) *
Air North (1970s-80s - Alaska) *
Air Olympia
Air 1 (1980s)
Air One (1990s)
Air Oregon *
Air Pacific (1960s-70s - Guam)
Air Pacific (1970s-80s - California)
Air Pennsylvania
Air Resorts Airlines
Air Ruidoso
Air San Juan
Air Sierra
Air South (1960s-70s)
Air South (1980s - Alabama)
Air South (1980s - Florida)
Air South (1990s)
Air Speed
Air Spirit
Airspur (California)
Airspur (New York) *
Air Sunshine (1970s)
Air Sunshine (1980s) *
Air Taxi Co.
Air Texana
Air Texas
Air Trails - ATI
AirTran Airways
Airtransit Airlines *
Air Transport Command *
Air 21
Air US
Air Utah
AirVantage Airlines
Air Vectors Airways
Air Vermont
Airvia Transportation Company *
Air Virginia *
Airways International *
Airways of New Mexico
Air West (1960s) *
Air West (1980s)
Air Wisconsin *
Alair *
Alaska Aeronautical Industries - AAI
Alaska Airlines *
Alaska Coastal Airlines *
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines *
Alaska International Air *
Alaska Star Airlines *
Alaska Washington Airways
Albany Air
Alector Airways
All American Airways *
Allegheny Airlines *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Atlantic City Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Crown Airways) *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Fischer Brothers Aviation)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Henson Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Ransome Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Southern Jersey Airways) *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Suburban Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter Airlines
Allegiant Air
Allen Air Commuter
Alliance Airlines
All Seasons Air Pacific
Aloha Airlines *
Aloha Island Air
Aloha Pacific Airlines *
Alpha Air (California) *
Alpha Airlines (Indiana)
Alpine Air
Altair (1960s - Oklahoma)
Altair Airlines (1960s-80s - Pennsylvania) *
Altus Airlines
Ambassador Airlines *
American Airlines * ª
American Airtaxi *
American Airways * ª
American Central Airlines
American Central Airways *
American Eagle (op'd by Command Airways)
American Eagle (op'd by Wings West Airlines)
American Export Airlines * ª
American Overseas Airlines - AOA * ª
American Trans Air - ATA
America West Airlines *
Amistad Airlines *
Ananda Air *
Angeles Flying Service
Anjil Airlines
Antilles Air Boats ª
AOA - American Overseas Airlines * ª
Apache Airlines ª
Apollo Airways
Appalachian Airlines *
Arcata Flying Service (AFS Airlines)
Arctic Circle Air
Argonaut Airways
Arizona Airways (1940s) *
Arizona Airways (1990s)
Arkansas Traveler Airline
Armadillo Airways
Aroostook Airways
Arrow Air
ASA - Atlantic Southeast Airlines
ASI - Aviation Services (1960s - later Air Midwest)
ASI - Aviation Services (1970s) *
Aspen Airways *
Aspen Mountain Air
Astec Air East *
Astor Air
ATA - American Trans Air
ATA Airlines
Atlanta Express
Atlanta Helicopter Airways
Atlantic Air
Atlantic Airways *
Atlantic City Airlines
Atlantic Express *
Atlantic Gulf Airlines
Atlantic North Airlines
Atlantic Southeast Airlines - ASA
Atlantis Airlines
Atlas Airlines
Austin Express
Avalon Air Transport * ª
Aviation Services - ASI (1960s - later Air Midwest)
Aviation Services - ASI (1970s) *
Aztec Airlines
Baca Airlines *
Bader Express
Bahamas Caribbean Airlines
Baja Airlines *
Baja Cortez Airlines *
Baltimore Airways
Bangor International Airline
Bankair Commuter Airlines
Bar Harbor Airlines
Bar Harbor Airways *
BAS Airlines
BAT Air (Bradford Air Transport) *
Bay Valley Air Service - BVA *
Bee Line *
Bellingham-Seattle Airways
Bemidji Airlines *
Bennett Air Transport
Bering Air *
Best Airlines
BEX - Business Express Airlines
BIAIR Regional Airlines *
Big Bend Airways
Big Sky Airlines
Birchwood Air Service *
Bison Airlines
Block Island Airlines - BIAIR
Blue Dog Commuter
Bluegrass Airlines
Blue Line Air Express
Boeing Air Transport (Boeing System) *
Bonanza Air Lines (1940s-60s) * ª
Bonanza Airlines (1970s)
Borrego Springs Airline
Boston-Maine Airways *
Boston-Maine Airways/Central Vermont Airways * ª
Bowen Air Lines * ª
Bradford Air Transport (BAT Air) *
Braniff (1980s) *
Braniff Airways (1930s-40s) *
Braniff International Airways * ª
Branson Airlines
Bridger Air
Britt Airlines *
Britt Airways *
Brockway Air
Brower Airlines
Brower Airways
Brower's Air Service
Burlington Air
Business Commuter Airlines
Business Express
Cable Commuter Airlines *
Cal-Air (California Air Commuter)
California Air Shuttle
California Amphibious Transport - CAT
California Central Airlines - CCA *
California Eastern Airways - CEA
California Seaboard Airlines - CSA
California Sierra
California Time
Cal Sierra Airlines *
Cal-State Air Lines *
Canadian-American Airlines
Canadian Colonial Airways * ª
C & M Airlines *
Cape Air
Cape & Islands Airline
Cape & Islands Flight Service *
Cape Smythe Air *
Capital Airlines (1940s-60s) *
Capitol Air (1980s - Tennessee; formerly Capitol International Airways)
Capitol Air (1990s - Minnesota)
Capitol Air Lines (1970s-80s - Kansas; formerly Capitol Air Service)
Capitol Helicopters
Capitol International Airways *
Capitol Speed Lines *
Carco Air Service *
Cardiff & Peacock Airlines *
Cardinal Air Lines *
Caribair (Caribbean Atlantic Airlines)
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Express
Caribbean Sun Airlines
Carnival Airlines
CAS - Commuters Air Service *
Cascade Airways
Casino Airlines
Casino Express Airlines *
CAT - California Amphibious Transport
Catalina Airlines (1950s) *
Catalina Air Lines (1960s) *
Catalina Airlines (1970s-80s)
Catalina Amphibian Airlines
Catalina Channel Airlines
Catalina Pacific Airlines
Catalina Seaplanes
Catalina-Vegas Airlines *
Catawba Air Transport
Catskill Airways *
Centennial Airlines
Central Airlines (1930s) * ª
Central Airlines (1950s-60s) *
Central Iowa Airlines
Central Michigan Airlines
Central Ohio Airways
Central States Airlines
Century Air Lines (1930s) *
Century Airlines (1970s-90s - California)
Century Airlines (1980s - Missouri)
Century Pacific Lines *
Chalk's International Airlines ª
Chalk's Ocean Airways
Challenge Air International
Challenge International Airlines
Challenger Airlines *
Chaparral Airlines
Charter Airlines
Chatham Aviation
Cherokee Airlines *
Cherokee Airtaxi *
Chesapeake Air Ferries *
Chesapeake Airways *
Chesapeake & Potomac Airways *
Chester County Air
Chicago Airlines
Chicago & Southern Air Lines (1930s-50s) *
Chicago & Southern Airlines (1960s-70s)
Chicago-Detroit Airways
Chicago Express Airlines
Chicago Helicopter Airways *
Chicago-New York Airways
Choptank Aviation Co. *
Christman Air System
Chrysler Air
Clifford Ball * ª
Clinton Aero
Coast Airways
Coastal Air
Coastal Airways (Coastal Aviation) (1960s - Florida)
Coastal Airways (1970s - Mississippi)
Coastal Airways (1980s-90s - Washington)
Coastal Aviation (Coastal Airways)
Cochise Airlines *
Coleman Air Transport
Colgan Airways
Colonial Airlines *
Colonial Air Transport * ª
Colonial Western Airways * ª
Colorado Air Lines (1940s)
Colorado Airlines (1970s) *
Columbia Airline (1970s)
Columbia Airlines (1930s)
Columbia Pacific Airlines
Comair *
Command Air
Command Airways
Commodore Air Service *
Commutair *
Commutaire International Airways *
Commute Air
Commuter Airlines (1960s-70s - Iowa/Illinois) *
Commuter Airlines (1960s-80s - New York) *
Commuters Air Service - CAS *
Condor Air Lines *
Connecticut Airline
Connecticut Airways *
Conquest Airlines
Consolidated Air Lines *
Consolidated Airways
Continental Air Express * ª
Continental Airlines * ª
Continental Airways *
Continental Express (op'd by Britt Airways) *
Continental Express (op'd by Trans-Colorado Airlines) *
Continental Micronesia
Copper State Airlines *
Coral Air *
Cordova Airlines *
Cosmopolitan Airlines
Crested Butte Air Service *
Cross Sound Airlines *
Crown Air
Crown Airlines
Crown Airways *
Cumberland Airlines
Curtiss Flying Service ª
Curtiss-Wright Flying Service
Dallas Express Airlines
Danbury Airways
D & C Airlines
Dash Air
Davis Air Lines (1920s-30s)
Davis Airlines (1960s-70s) *
Dawn Air
Decatur Commuter
Delta Air Lines * ª
Desert Airlines (1970s-80s - Arizona) *
Desert Airlines (1980s - California)
Desert Commuter Airlines
Desert Pacific Airlines *
Desert Pacific Airways
Desert Sun Airlines
Detroit-Cleveland Air Line *
Detroit-Grand Rapids Airline
Detroit Helicopter Airlines
Detroit Northern Airline
Devoe Airlines
Digital Equipment Corporation *
Direct Air
Direct Commuter Airlines *
Discovery Airways
Dixie Flying Service
Dolphin Airlines (1990s - US Virgin Islands)
Dolphin Airways (1980s)
Dorado Wings
Downeast Airlines
Downeast Express
Downtown Airlines
Drummond Island Air *
Eagle Airline (1980s)
Eagle Airlines (1930)
Eagle Airlines (1970s - Washington) *
Eagle Airlines (1970s-80s - California) *
Eagle Airlines (1970s-80s - Texas) *
Eagle Aviation
Eagle Commuter Airlines
East Coast Commuter *
Eastern Air Express
Eastern Air Lines * ª
Eastern Air Transport
East Hampton Aire - EHA
Eastwind Airlines
EATS - European Air Transport Service
Ede-Aire Line
Edelweiss Air
Edgartown Air
Ellis Air Lines *
Embry Riddle Company *
Emerald Air
Empire Airlines (1940s - New York) *
Empire Air Lines (1940s-50s - Idaho) *
Empire Airlines (1970s-80s) *
Empire Airlines (present) *
Empire State Airlines
Enterprise Airlines *
Era Aviation *
Essair Lines *
Eureka Aero *
European Air Transport Service - EATS
Evergreen Airspur
Evergreen International Airlines
E.W. Wiggins Airways *
Exec Express Airlines
Exec Express II Airlines
Execuair Airlines
Executive Air
Executive Airlines
Executive Air Link
Express Airlines I
FAR Airlines
Far West
Far West Airlines
FCA - Florida Coastal Airlines
Federal Express
Finair Express
Fischer Brothers Aviation
Flamenco Airways *
Fleet Airlines *
Fleet Airways
Fleetway Airlines
Flight Line
Flightways Aviation Systems
Florence Airlines
Florida Airlines *
Florida Airways (1920s) *
Florida Airways (1940s) *
Florida Atlantic Airlines
Florida Coastal Airlines - FCA *
Florida Commuter Airlines
Florida Express
The Florida Shuttle
Fly Guam
The Flying Tiger Line * ª
Ford Motor Company
Fort Collins Flying Service
Fort Vancouver Airlines *
Fort Worth Airlines
40-Mile Air *
4 Seas Airlines *
Four Sons Flying Service *
Four Star Air Cargo
Frank Martz Coach Co., Air Lines Division
Freedom Airlines *
Friendship Air Alaska
Frontier Airlines (1950s-80s) *
Frontier Airlines (present)
Frontier Flying Service
Frontier Horizon
Futura Airlines
Galaxy Airlines *
Gateway Airlines *
Gateway Aviation Co.
GCA - Gulf Coast Airlines
GCS Airlines *
GCS Air Service
Gemini Airlines
Gem State Airlines
General Air Lines *
General Motors Air Transport *
Georgia Air
Gilpin Air Lines *
GLC Airlines (Great Lakes Commuter)
Global International Airways
Gold Coast Air
Gold Coast Airways
Golden Carriage-Air
Golden Eagle Airlines
Golden Gate Airlines *
Golden Isles Airlines
Golden Pacific Airlines (1960s-70s)
Golden Pacific Airlines (1980s) *
Golden State Airlines
Golden West Airlines (1960s) *
Golden West Airlines (1960s-80s) *
Gopher Airlines *
Gorst Air Transport ª
Gould Aviation
GP-Express Airlines
Grand Airways
Grand Canyon Airlines
Gray Line Air
Great American Airways
Great Lakes Airlines
Great Lakes Commuter (GLC Airlines)
Great Plains Airline (1970s) *
Great Plains Airlines (2000s)
Great Sierra Airline *
Green Hills Aviation *
Green Mountain Airlines *
Gromer Aviation
Gross Aviation
Gulf Coast Airlines - GCA
Gulf Coast Airways *
Gulfstream International Airlines *
Gull Air *
Gunnell Aviation
Guy America Airways
The Hagerstown Commuter
Hammonds Commuter Air Service
Hampton Air Service *
Hanford Airlines *
Harbor Air
Harbor Air Service
Harrisburg Commuter Airlines
Hartford Airlines
Havasu Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines *
Hawaiian Pacific Airlines *
The Hawaii Express
Hawaii Jet-Air *
Hawkeye Airlines
Hawthorne Nevada Airlines
Henson Airlines
Heussler Air Service - HAS
Holiday Airlines (1960s-70s)
Holiday Airlines (1980s)
Holiday Airways
Hood Airlines
Horizon Air
Horizon Airways
Houston Metro Airlines *
Hub Airlines
Hub Express Airlines
Hughes Airwest *
Hulman Field Aviation
Hunter Airways
Hyannis Aviation
Illini Airlines *
IMA - Inter-Mountain Airways
Imperial Airlines
Independence Air ª
Indiana Airways *
Indian Wells Airline
Indigo Airlines
Inland Air Lines *
Inland Empire Airlines - IEA *
Inter City Airlines
Inter-Island Air *
Inter-Island Airways
Inter-Mountain Airways - IMA
Interstate Airlines
Iowa Airlines *
Iowa Airways *
Island Air
Island Airlines (1930s - Massachusetts) *
Island Airlines (1960s-90s - Ohio) *
Island Airlines (1980s - Washington)
Island Airlines (1990s-2010s - Massachusetts)
Island Express
Island Pacific Air
Island Sky Ferries
Isle Royale Seaplane Service
ISO Commuter *
Isthmian Airways *
Janss Airways
JerDon Air Commuter Service *
Jet 24 International Airways
Jet-Air (Hawaii Jet-Air) *
JetAire Airlines
Jet America
jetBlue Airways
Jet Express
Jetstream International Airlines
Jet Train
Kenmore Air
Key Airlines *
Keystone Airlines *
Keystone Commuter *
King Airlines
King's Skyline
Kitty Hawk Airways *
Kiwi International Airlines
Kodiak Airways
Kohler Aviation Corporation *
LAA - Los Angeles Airways
LAB Flying Service
LADCO - Lebanon Airport Development Corporation *
LA Helicopter
Lake Central Airlines *
Lake Havasu Airlines *
Lakeland Commuter
Laker Airways
Lake State Airways
Lake Union Air
Land 'O' Lakes Airlines *
LAO - Líneas Aéreas Occidentales *
La Posada Airways *
Laredo Air
Larry's Flying Service
Lawrence Aviation
Lebanon Airport Development Corporation - LADCO *
Legend Airlines
Liberty Airlines *
Licon Airways ª
Lisle Air Service
Lone Star Airlines
Long & Harman Air Lines *
Longhorn Airlines
Long Island Airlines (1940s)
Long Island Airlines (1980s-90s)
Los Angeles Airways - LAA *
Los Angeles Helicopter Airlines
Los Angeles-San Diego Air Line
Ludington Airlines *
Lynx Air International
MAC - McMullen Airways Corporation *
Mac-Aire Aviation Corporation *
Mackey Airlines * ª
Mackey International Airlines *
Maddux Air Lines * ª
Magnum Airlines *
Mahalo Air
Maine Air
Maine Air Transport
Main Flying Service
MAL - Miller Airlines
Mall Airways
Mamer Air Transport *
Mammoth Air Shuttle
Marco Island Airways
MarkAir *
Marquette Airlines *
Martin Air *
Martz Air Lines *
Mason & Dixon Air Lines * ª
Massachusetts Airlines *
Massachusetts Helicopter Airlines *
Mass Air *
MATS - Military Air Transport Service *
MATS Airlines
The Maui Commuter *
Maui Airlines
Maverick Airways (1970s)
Maverick Airways (1990s)
Mayflower Airlines *
McCall Air
McClain Airlines
McMullen Airways Corporation - MAC *
Mercury Airlines
Merrimack Airlines
Merrimack Air System
Mesa Air
Mesa Airlines *
Mesa Air Shuttle
Mesaba Airlines
Metro Airlines *
Metro Air Northeast
Metro Commuter Airlines *
Metroflight Airlines *
Metro International Airways
Metroplex Airlines
Metroplex Helicopter Airways *
Metropolitan Air Ferry Service
Mexico Air Service
MGM Grand Air
Michigan Air Express *
Michigan Trade Winds
Mid-Atlantic Express Airlines
Mid-Continent Airlines (1930s-50s) *
Mid-Continent Air Lines - MCA (1960s - Nebraska)
Mid-Continent Air Lines (1960s-70s - Tennessee)
Mid-Continent Airlines (1970s - OKlahoma) *
Mid-Continent Airlines (1980s)
Mid-Hudson Airlines *
Midland Air Express
Mid Pacific Air *
Mid-South Airlines - MSA
Mid-South Airways
Midstate Air Commuter - MAC *
Midstate Airlines
Midway Airlines (1950s) *
Midway Airlines (1970s-90s) *
Midway Airlines (1990s-2000s)
Midway Connection (op'd by Chicago Airlines)
Mid-West Airlines (1940s-50s)
Midwest Airlines (2000s-10s)
Midwest Airways
Midwest Aviation
Midwest Commuter Airlines *
Midwest Express Airlines *
Military Air Transport Service - MATS
Miller Airlines - MAL
Miller Air Taxi
Mississippi Valley Airlines - MVA
Mohawk Airlines (1950s-70s) *
Mohawk Airlines (1980s-90s)
Mojave Airlines *
Monarch Air Lines (1940s-50s) *
Monarch Airlines (1960s-70s) *
Monarch Airlines (1980s) *
Monmouth Airlines
Montauk Caribbean Airways *
Monterey and Bay Cities Flightway
Moraine Airways *
Morris Air
Mountain Air
Mountain West Airlines (1970s - Colorado)
Mountain West Airlines (1970s-80s - Idaho)
MSA - Mid-South Airlines
Munz Northern Airlines
Muse Air *
Mutual Air Lines (no timetables)
MVA - Mississippi Valley Airlines
Myrtle Beach Direct Air
Myrtle Beach Jet Express
NAC - Northern Air Cargo
Nantucket Airlines
Naples Airlines *
NAT - National Air Transport *
National Air
National Airlines (1930s-70s) *
National Airlines (1990s)
National Airlines (1990s-2000s)
National Air Transport - NAT *
National Executive Airlines
National Florida Airlines - NFA
National Parks Airways *
Nations Air
Nationwide Airlines
Nationwide Airlines Southeast
Nauset Airways
NCA - Northern Consolidated Airlines
Nelson Airlines *
Nevada Airlines
Nevada County Aviation
New England Airlines (1950s)
New England Airlines (present) *
New England Central Airways - NECA *
New England Commuter
New England & Western Air Transportation Co. *
New Haven Airways
New Jersey Airways - NJA
New Jersey-Merrimack Airlines
New Mexico Air
New Mexico Airlines - NMA
Newport Aero
New York Air (1980s - NY-Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket) *
New York Air (1980s - jet operator)
New York Air Commuter *
New York Airways (1920s-30s) *
New York Airways (1930s)
New York Airways (1950s-70s) *
New York Helicopter *
New York-Newport Air Service *
New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line - NYRBA * ª
New York-Washington Air Line *
NFA - National Florida Airlines
NJA - New Jersey Airways
Norcal Airlines
Nor East Commuter Airlines
North American Airlines (1950s) *
North American Airlines - NAA (1970s)
North American Airlines (1980s) *
North Cay Airways
North Central Airlines *
Northcoast Executive Airlines
North Continent Airlines *
Northeast Airlines (1940s-70s) *
Northeastern International Airways
Northeast Express
Northern Air Cargo - NAC
Northern Airlines (1950s) *
Northern Air Lines (1960s-70s)
Northern Airlines (1980s - Massachusetts)
Northern Airlines (1980s - Minnesota)
Northern Airways (1940s) *
Northern Airways (1960s-70s)
Northern Airways (1980s)
Northern Consolidated Airlines - NCA *
Northern Illinois Commuter Airlines
Northern New England Airways *
Northern Star Airlines - NSA
North Pacific Airlines - NPA *
North Star Aircoach *
Northwest Airlines * ª
Northwest Airlink (op'd by Pacific Island Aviation)
Northwest Airways *
NPA - North Pacific Airlines *
NSA - Northern Star Airlines
NYRBA - New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line * ª
Oceanair *
Ocean Reef Airways *
OK Air (Oahu & Kauai Airlines) *
Oklahoma Airlines
Omni Airlines
Omniflight Helicopter Services
ONG Airlines
Otter Air
Overland Airway
Ozark Air Lines *
PAA - Pan American (World) Airways * ª
Pacific Air Lines (1940s)
Pacific Air Lines (1950s-60s) *
Pacific Air Transport * ª
Pacific Alaska Airways *
Pacific Cal Air *
Pacific Coast Airlines (1980s)
Pacific Coast Airlines (1990s)
Pacific East Air *
Pacific Express
Pacific Flight Service
Pacific Interstate Airlines *
Pacific Island Aviation
Pacific Marine Airways *
Pacific National Airways - PNA
Pacific Northern Airlines - PNA (1940s-60s) *
Pacific Northern Airlines - PNA (1970s)
Pacific Northwest Airlines - PNA
Pacific Seaboard Air Lines *
Pacific Southwest Airlines - PSA * ª
PAFCO Airlines
Page Airways *
PAL - Pennsylvania Air Lines (1930s) *
PAL - Princeton Air Link *
Palm Springs Air Line *
Panagra * ª
Pan Am (Pan American World Airways - PAA) * ª
Pan Am (Pan American Airways) (1996-98)
Pan Am (Pan American Airways) (1998-2004)
Panama Airways *
Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra) * ª
Pan American World Airways - PAA (Pan Am) * ª
Panhandle Airways
Paradise Airlines (1960s - California)
Paradise Airlines (1990s - Florida)
Paradise Island Airlines
Parks Air Lines
PAT - Peninsula Air Transport *
PBA - Provincetown-Boston Airline *
PCA - Pennsylvania Central Airlines *
Pearson Air *
Pearson Aircraft *
Pegasus Aviation
PenAir (Peninsula Airways) *
Peninsula Air Transport - PAT *
Pennsylvania Air Lines - PAL (1930s) *
Pennsylvania Airlines (1970s-1990s)
Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines
People Express
Permian Airways *
Philadelphia Rapid Transit (PRT Air Service) *
Phillips Airlines
Phoenix Airlines
Piasa Commuter Airlines
Pickwick Airways *
Piedmont Airlines (1940s-80s) *
Piedmont Airlines (present)
The Piedmont Regional Airline (Henson Airlines)
Pikes Peak Air Commerce *
Pilgrim Airlines *
Pinehurst Airlines *
Pine State Airlines
Pioneer Air Lines (1940s-50s) * ª
Pioneer Airlines (1960s)
Pioneer Airways
Piper Air Center - Airline Division
Piper Twinair
Pitcairn Aviation *
Pitt Airlines
Pittsburgh Airways *
PNA - Pacific National Airways
PNA - Pacific Northern Airlines (1940s-60s) *
PNA - Pacific Northern Airlines (1970s)
PNA - Pacific Northwest Airlines
Pocono Airlines *
Polar Airlines
Pomona Valley Aviation
Pompano Airways *
Ponderosa Airlines *
Portland Airways
Potomac Flying Service (no timetables)
Prairie Airways
Precision Airlines
Presidential Airways
Prestige Airways *
Pride Air
Prime Air
Princeton Air Link - PAL *
Princeton Airways (Princeton Aviation Corporation) (1960s) *
Princeton Airways (1970s-80s) *
Princeville Airways
Private Jet
Pro Air (1990s-2000s)
Proair (1980s)
Provincetown-Boston Airline - PBA
PRT Air Service * ª
PSA - Pacific Southwest Airlines * ª
Puget Sound Airlines
Qwest Air *
RAI Commuter (Roederer Aviation)
Ram Airlines *
Ransome Airlines *
Rapid Air Freight
Rapid Air Lines *
Rapid Air Transport *
Reading Airline System *
Realwest Airlines *
Red Baron Airlines (1980s - Florida)
Red Baron Lines (1960s-70s)
Red Carpet Airlines
Reed Airline
Reeve Aleutian Airways - RAA
Reeves Air
Regional Helicopter Airlines
Reno Air
Reno Air Express *
Republic Airlines
Republic Express (op'd by Express Airlines I)
Resort Air *
Resort Airlines *
Resort Airways
Resort Commuter Airlines *
Riddle Airlines *
Rio Airways *
Rio Grande Air *
Robertson Aircraft Corporation - RAC * ª
Robertson Air Lines *
Robinson Airlines *
Rochester Aviation
Rocky Mountain Airways *
Roederer Aviation (RAI Commuter)
Ross Aviation *
Royal-Air *
Royal Airways
Royal American Airways *
Royale Airlines *
Royal Hawaiian Air Service
Royal West Airlines
Rutland Airways *
Ryan Air
Ryan Airlines
Rynes Airlines
SAFEway (Southwest Air Fast Express - SAFE) * ª
Safeway Aircoach *
St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line
Sair Aviation *
Salmon Air
San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines (1960s-70s) *
San Juan Airlines *
The Santa Fe Airline Company
SCAT - South Central Air Transport *
Scenic Airlines *
Scenic Airways *
Seaboard and Western Airlines
Seaboard World Airlines *
Seaco Airlines *
Seacoast Air Transport *
Seair *
Seaplane Shuttle Transport - SST
SeaPort Airlines
Seattle Airways *
SFO Helicopter Airlines (1960s-70s) *
SFO Helicopter Airlines (1980s)
Shasta Air
Shavano Air *
Shawnee Air Commuter
Shawnee (International) Airlines *
Shenandoah Airlines
Shorter Airlines *
Shuttle America
S.I. Airways
Sierra Expressway
Sierra Mountain Airways
Sierra Pacific Airlines (1960s) *
Sierra Pacific Airlines (present) *
Silver State Airlines
Simmons Airlines *
Sizer Airways *
Skybus Express Airline
Sky-Knight Airlines *
Skyline Air Service
Skymark Airlines *
Skysaver Jet Shuttle
Skystream Airlines *
Sky Tours
Sky Tours Hawaii *
Skyway Airlines
Skyway Commuter (1970s - Missouri)
Skyway Commuter (1980s - Florida)
Skyways (Scheduled Skyways) *
Sky West Airlines *
Slocum Air *
SMB Stage Line (SMB Airlines)
Smyer Commuter Airline *
Solar Airlines *
Soonair Lines *
Sound Flight *
South Atlantic Airlines *
SouthCentral Air
South Central Airlines *
South Central Air Transport - SCAT *
Southeast Air
South East Airlines (1940s - North Carolina)
Southeast Airlines (1950s - Tennessee) *
Southeast Airlines (1960s-80s - Florida)
Southeast Airlines (1970s - Tennessee)
Southeast Airlines (1980s - Florida) *
Southeast Airlines (1990s-2000s - Florida) *
Southeast Air Tours
Southeast Alaska Airlines
Southeast Commuter Airlines
Southeastern (Commuter) Airlines
Southern Airways *
Southern Aviation Airlines
Southern Express
Southern International Airways
Southern Jersey Airways *
Southern Skies Commuter
South Pacific Air Lines - SPAL * ª
South Pacific Island Airways - SPIA *
Southwest Air Fast Express - SAFE (SAFEway) * ª
Southwest Airlines (1960s) *
Southwest Airlines (present)
South West Airways (1930s) *
Southwest Airways (1940s-50s) *
SPAL - South Pacific Air Lines *
SPIA - South Pacific Island Airways *
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Air Shuttle
Spirit Heliporter
SST - Seaplane Shuttle Transport
Standard Air Lines * ª
Standard Airways (1950s-60s - California/Washington) *
Standard Airways (1960s - Michigan)
Star Airways
Starflite Airlines *
State Airlines
State Line Air Commuter *
Stateswest Airlines
Statewide Airlines
Sterling Air Service *
Sterling One
Stol Air Commuter *
Stout Air Lines *
Suburban Airlines
Summit Airlines
Sun Aire Lines *
Sun Airlines (1960s - Missouri/Tennessee) *
Sun Airlines (1970s - Florida)
Sun Basin Airline
Sunbelt Airlines (1970s-80s - Georgia)
Sunbelt Airlines (1980s - Arkansas)
Sunbird Airlines (North Carolina) *
Sunbird Airlines (Kentucky) *
Sun Country Airlines
Sundorph Aeronautical Corporation
Sundorph Airlines
Sun Land Airlines
Sun Pacific Airlines
Sunrise Airlines
Sun Valley Airlines *
Sun Valley Key Airlines *
Sun West Airlines *
Sunworld Airlines
Sunworld International Airways
Superior Air
Susquehanna Airlines *
SVA - Sun Valley Airways
SwiftAir (1980s - Indiana) *
Swift Aire Lines (1960s-80s - California) *
TAC - Transamerican Airlines *
TAG Airlines *
Tahoe Air
Tanana Air Taxi
Taquan Air *
TAT - Transcontinental Air Transport * ª
TAT Flying Service ª
TAT-Maddux Air Lines * ª
Tatonduk Flying Service *
Tejas Airlines *
Tempelhof Airways USA *
Temsco Airlines
Tenn Air Commuter Service (Tennesse Airmotive)
Tennessee Airways *
Terre Haute Commuter *
Territorial Airlines
Texas Air Lines (1940s) ª
Texas Airlines (1980s) *
Texas Airways *
Texas International Airlines *
Texas National Airlines
Texas Star Airlines
Thompson Aeronautical Corporation - TAC *
Thunderbird Airlines *
Thunderbird Flying Service (no timetables) *
TIA - Trans Inland Airlines
Time Airlines
TMA - Trans Magic Airlines
TMA - Trans-Michigan Airlines
TMA - Trans Midwest Airlines
TNA - Trans-Nevada Air
Total Air
Tower Air
TPA - Trans Pacific Airlines ("The Aloha Airline") *
TPA - Trans Penn Airlines *
Tracon International Airline
Tradewinds & Western Airways *
Trans Air (1980s) *
Trans Air Lines
Transamerica Airlines
Trans American Airlines (1950s) *
Transamerican Airlines - TAC (1930s) *
Trans American Airways
Trans Cal Airlines *
Trans California Airlines (1960s) *
Trans-California Airlines - TCA (1980s) *
Trans Caribbean Airways *
Trans Catalina Airlines
Trans Central Airlines (1960s-70s)
Trans Central Airlines (1980s)
Trans-Colorado Airlines *
Trans Commuter Airline
Transcontinental Air Transport - TAT
Transcontinental and Western Air - TWA * ª
Trans East Airlines
Trans East International Airlines *
Trans Inland Airlines - TIA
Trans International Airlines - TIA
Trans-Isle Airlines *
Trans Magic Airlines - TMA *
Trans-Michigan Airlines - TMA
Trans Midwest Airlines - TMA
Trans-Mo Airlines
Trans Mountain Air *
Trans Mountain Airlines
Trans-Nebraska Airlines
Trans-Nevada Air - TNA
Transocean Air Lines *
Trans Penn Airlines - TPA *
Trans Sierra Airlines (1970s) *
Trans Sierra Airways - TSA *
Trans Southern Airways - TSA
TranStar Airlines
Transtate Airways *
Trans-Texas Airways - TTA * ª
Transwestern Airlines *
Trans Western Airlines of Utah *
Trans World Airlines - TWA * ª
Trans World Express (operated by Metro Air Northeast)
Treasure State Airlines
Tri Air
Triangle Airways
TriStar Airlines *
Tri-State Airlines
Tri-State Flite Services
Trojan Aire
Trump Air
Trump Airways
Trump Shuttle
The Trump Shuttle Connection
Trust Territory Air Service *
TSA - Trans Sierra Airways *
TSA - Trans Southern Airways
TWA - Trans World Airlines * ª
Tyee Airlines
Tyme Airlines *
Union Air Lines *
United Airlines * ª
United States Airways *
United States Overseas Airlines - USOA *
Universal Air Lines System (1920s) *
Universal Airlines (1940s-60s)
Universal Airways
USAfrica Airways
US Air Mail Service *
US Airways (1990s-2000s - ex-USAir and Allegheny Airlines)
US Airways (2000s-2010s - ex-America West Airlines)
USOA - United States Overseas Airlines *
US Aviation
Vail Airways
Valdez Airlines
Valdosta Phoenix Airlines
Vale Airlines
Valley Airlines (1960s-70s - Arizona) *
Valley Airlines (1960s-70s - California)
Valley Airlines (1980s - Maine)
Valley Airpark Commuter Service *
Valley Air Services
Valley Commuter
ValuJet Airlines *
Vanguard Airlines
Varney Air Lines * ª
Varney Air Transport *
Varney Speed Lines (Southwest Division) *
Varney Speed Lines System *
Vee Neal Airlines
Vercoa Commuter *
Vero Monmouth Airlines
Via Air
Vieques Air Link
Viking Airlines
Virgin Air *
Virgin Islands Airways
Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle
Viscount Air Tours
Volunteer Airlines (1950s)
Volunteer Airlines (1970s)
Volusia Aviation Service
VQ Airlines
Warbelow's Air Ventures *
Washington Airlines *
Washington-Baltimore Airways
Washington Flying Service (no timetables)
Washington-New York Air Line *
Waterman Airlines *
Watertown Airways *
Wedell-Williams Air Lines *
Westair (1970s - Colorado) *
WestAir Airlines (1970s-80s - California) *
Westates Airlines
West-Central Airlines *
West Coast Airlines * ª
West Coast Air Transport * ª
Western Air Express *
Western Airlines (1940s-80s) * ª
Western Airlines (1990s?)
Western Air Service *
Western Air Stages *
Western Pacific Airlines
West Isle Air *
West Pacific
Westward Airways
Wheeler Airlines *
Whidbey Flying Service *
Wien Air Alaska *
Wien Alaska Airlines *
Wien Consolidated Airlines *
Wiggins Airways *
Wild Goose Airlines
Williams Air *
Will's Air
Wilmington-Catalina Airline
Winged America Airlines (no timetables)
Wings Airlines
Wings Airways
Wings of Alaska *
Wings of the World
Wings West Airlines
Winnipesaukee Airlines (Winnipesaukee Aviation)
Wisconsin Central Airlines *
Wise Airlines
World Airways *
Wrangell Mountain Air
Wright Air Lines *
Wright Air Service
Wyoming Airlines
Wyoming Air Service *
Yankee Airlines
Yosemite Airlines *
Zia Airlines *
Zimmerly Airlines *


Airlines by country

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Aboriginal Air Services
Adelaide Airways *
Advance Airlines of Australia *
Aerial Tours
Aero Belau *
Aeropelican Air Services *
Air Albatross *
Air Calédonie *
Air Calédonie International *
Air Central *
Air Coromandel
Air Eastland *
Air Facilities *
Air Fiji
Air Great Lakes *
Air Kangaroo Island
Airlines of New Zealand (SPANZ) *
Airlines of Northern Australia
Airlines of NSW *
Airlines of South Australia (1960s;1980s) *
Airlines of South Australia - ASA (1990s-2000s) *
Airlines of Tasmania *
Airlines of Western Australia
Air Link (Australia) *
Airlink (Papua New Guinea)
Air Marshall Islands
Air Melanesie *
Air Micronesia *
Air Moorea
Air Nauru *
Air Nelson
Air New South Wales
Air New Zealand *
Air Niugini
Air North (Australia) *
Air North (New Zealand)
Air North International
Air Pacific (Fiji) *
Air Pacific (Guam)
Air Polynésie *
Air Queensland
Air Rarotonga *
Air Tahiti (1960s-80s)
Air Tahiti (present) *
Air Tahiti Nui
Air Tasmania *
Airtransit *
Air Tungaru
Air Vanuatu *
Air West Coast
Air Whitsunday
Albatross Airlines *
Amber Air
ANA - Australian National Airways (1930-31) * ª
ANA - Australian National Airways (1930s-50s) * ª
Ansett Airlines of NSW *
Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea *
Ansett Airlines of SA
Ansett Airways * ª
Ansett Australia
Ansett Express
Ansett-MAL *
Ansett New Zealand *
Ansett NSW
Ansett NT *
Ansett WA
Aquatic Air
ASA - Airlines of South Australia (1990s-2000s) *
Associated Air (New Zealand)
Associated Airlines (New Zealand)
Augusta Airways
Aus-Air *
Austasia Airlines
Australian Aerial Services * ª
Australian Airlines (1980s-90s)
Australian Airlines (2000s)
Australian National Airways - ANA (1930-31) * ª
Australian National Airways - ANA (1930s-50s) * ª
Avdev Airlines of Australia *
Avior *
BCPA - British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines * ª
Big Sky Express
Bizjets *
Bougainville Air Services
BPA - Bush Pilots Airways *
Brindabella Airlines *
British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines - BCPA * ª
Business Air
Butler Air Transport * ª
Capital Air
Capital Air Services
Carpenters Air Lines (W.R.C. Airlines) *
Challenge Air Services
Chartair (Tasmania)
Civil Flying Services *
Clubair *
Coast Air *
Cobden Airways *
Commodore Airlines *
Commuter Airlines *
Compass Airlines *
Connair *
Connellan Airways * ª
Continental Micronesia
Cook Islands Airways *
Cook Islands International *
Country Connection Airlines
Davey Air Services *
De Kroonduif *
Douglas Airways
Eagle Air
East Coast Airlines (1970s) *
East Coast Airlines (1970s-80s) *
East Coast Aviation Services
East Coast Commuter Airlines *
East Coast Airways *
Easter Airways *
Eastern Australia Airlines
Eastern Pacific Airlines
Eastland Airlines
Eastwest Airlines *
Emu Airways (1970s-80s) *
Emu Airways (1990s-2000s)
Executive Airlines
Eyre Commuter
Fast Airways
Fiji Air *
Fiji Airways *
Flight West Airlines
Fly Guam
Freedom Air
GAT - Geelong Air Travel *
Geelong Flight Centre
Geyserland Airways *
Goldfields Air Services *
Great Barrier Airlines
Guinea Airways * ª
Hazelton Airlines
H.C. Sleigh Airlines
Henebery Aviation Company *
Hicks Airlines *
Holyman's Airways ª
Horizon Airlines *
Impulse Airlines
International Aviation
Island Air/Union Air
Island Hopper *
Islands Aviation
James Air
Jet Charter Airlines
Kendell Airlines
Kiwi International Airlines
Lincoln Airlines
Lloyd Air *
Lloyd Air (Queensland) *
Macair (Australia)
Macair (Melanesian Airline Co.)
MacArthur Airways
Macknight Airlines *
MacRobertson-Miller Aviation * ª
Majestic Airways
Masling Airlines (also Masling Air Commuter or Masling Commuter Services) *
Masling Aviation
Mercury Airlines *
MMA - MacRobertson-Miller Airlines *
Motueka Air
Mountain Air
Mount Cook Airline *
Murchison Air Services *
Murray Valley Airlines *
NAC - National Airways * ª
Nationwide Air Services
NEA - New England Airways (1970s) *
New England Airways (1930s) * ª
Newmans Air *
New Zealand National Airways Corporation - NAC *
Niue Airlines
Noeska Aviation *
Noosa Air *
Norfolk Island Airlines *
Norfolk Jet Express
North Coast Airlines *
North Coast Aviation
Northern Airlines *
Northland Districts Aero Club
North West Airlines
O'Connor Airlines
Opal Air *
Origin Pacific Airways
Outdoor Aviation (Skyferry)
Oxley Airlines
Pacifica Air
Pacific Blue
Pacific Island Aviation
Pagas Airlines
Panga Airways *
Paradise Air
Par Avion Airlines *
Patair (Papuan Airline Transport/Papuan Air Lines) *
Peninsula Air Services *
Polynesian Airlines *
Port Augusta Air Services
Port Macquarie Clipper *
Qantas * ª
Qantas New Zealand
Queensland Airlines - QAL *
Queensland Pacific Airlines
RAI - Réseau Aérien Interinsulaire *
Reef World Airlines (Air Whitsunday)
Regional Pacific Airlines *
Rex - Regional Express
Royal Tongan Airlines
Sabair Airlines
Safe Air *
Salt Air
Sandaun Air Services
Sandon Airlines
Scruse-Air Helicopters
Seair Pacific
Singleton Air Services *
Skyferry *
Sky-Link Airlines
Sky Travel
Skyway Airlines
Skywest Airlines *
Solair - Solomon Islands Airways *
Solomon Airlines *
Sopac Aviation *
Sounds Air
Southern Air
Southern Airlines *
Southern Australia Airlines
Southern Cross Airways (Australia)
Southern Cross Airways (New Zealand)
Southern Pacific Airlines
SPANZ - South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand *
SPIA - South Pacific Island Airways *
State Air *
Staywood Airlines *
Stewart Island Flights
Stillwell Airlines *
Strategic Airlines
Sun Air
Sunbird Airlines
Sunflower Airlines
Sungold Airlines
Sunstate Airlines *
Sydney Harbour Seaplanes
TAA - Trans-Australia Airlines * ª
TACA - Townsville & Country Airlines *
TAL - Territory Airlines *
Tasmanian Aerial Services ª
TEAL - Tasman Empire Airways * ª
Trans-Australia Airlines - TAA * ª
Trans Island Air
Trans Oceanic Airways *
Trans Regional Airlines *
Transtate Airlines
Trans-West Air Charter *
Trans West Airlines *
Trust Territory Air Service *
T. Thomas Air Transport Systems *
Union Air/Island Air
V Australia *
Virgin Australia
Virgin Blue
Wairarapa Airlines *
WASP Airlines *
West Australian Airways * ª
West Coast Airways *
Western Airlines
Whyalla Airlines *
Wings Australia *
Woods Airways
W.R.C. Airlines (Carpenters Air Lines) *
Yanda Airlines

Airlines of South America:

Airlines by country

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

ACES Colombia
Aerocondor *
Aero Continente
Aerocosta International Airlines *
AeroGal - Aerolíneas Galápagos
Aerolínea de Antioquia
Aerolíneas Argentinas *
Aerolíneas Argentinas Express
Aerolíneas Colonia
Aerolíneas Ini *
Aerolíneas Pampeanas
Aerolíneas Peruanas - APSA *
Aerolíneas TAO *
Aeronor Chile
AeroPerú *
Aeroposta Argentina *
Aeropostal (LAV) *
Aerotal *
Aerovial *
Aerovías Brasil (BIA - Brazilian International Airlines) * ª
Aerovías del Ecuador-Panagra
Aerovías Peruanas
Air Class Líneas Aéreas
Air Guyane *
Air Minas Linhas Aéreas
Air Venezuela
ALA (Chile) *
ALA - Aerotransportes Litoral Argentino *
ALFA (Aviación del Litoral Fluvial Argentino) *
Alianza Summa
ALTA Líneas Aéreas
American Falcon
ANDES - Aerolíneas Nacionales del Ecuador SA
Andes Líneas Aéreas
APSA - Aerolíneas Peruanas *
ARG Línea Privada
ARPA - Aerolíneas Paraguayas
ASA - Aeroregional
Austral *
Avant Airlines
Avianca * ª
Avianca Brasil
Avianca Perú
Avianca Ecuador
BIA - Brazilian International Airlines (Aerovías Brasil) ª
BoA - Boliviana de Aviación
Brasil Central
Brava Linhas Aéreas
British Guiana Airways
CAUSA (Compañía Aeronáutica Uruguaya) *
Compañía de Aviación Faucett * ª
COPISA (Perú Internacional) *
Corporación *
Cruzeiro * ª
Dinar Líneas Aéreas *
Ecuatoriana *
El Pingüino Líneas Aéreas
FAMA (Flota Aérea Mercante Argentina) * ª
Faucett * ª
Fly Linhas Aéreas
GENSA (General Services Aviation)
Guyana Airways *
Ícaro Air *
Ini Airlines *
Intercontinental Colombia
Intercontinental de Aviación
Kaikén Líneas Aéreas
LAB - Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano *
LADE - Líneas Aéreas del Estado *
Ladeco *
LAER - Líneas Aéreas Entre Ríos
LAI - Línea Aérea Imperial
LAI - Línea Aérea Iquiqueña
LAN - Línea Aérea Nacional ª
LAN Airlines
LAN Argentina
LAN-Chile *
LAN Colombia
LANE - Línea Aérea Nor-Este
LAN Peru
LANSA - Líneas Aéreas Nacionales *
LAP - Líneas Aéreas Paraguayas *
LAPA - Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas *
LASO - Línea Aérea Sud Oeste *
LATAM Argentina
LATAM Brasil
LATAM Colombia
LATAM Paraguay
LAV - Línea Aeropostal Venezolana *
LC Busre
Línea Aérea Aerovial *
Línea Aérea Nacional - LAN ª
Líneas Aéreas Canedo
Líneas Aéreas del Estado - LADE *
Líneas Aéreas Nacionales - LANSA *
Líneas Aéreas Paraguayas - LAP *
Línea Aeropostal Venezolana - LAV *
Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano - LAB *
Lloyd Aéreo Colombiano *
Lóide Aéreo
Nacional (Transportes Aéreos Nacional) (1940s-50s) *
Nacional Transportes Aéreos (2000s) *
National Airlines
NHT Linhas Aéreas *
Panair do Brasil * ª
Pantanal Linhas Aéreas
Passaredo Transportes Aéreos *
Perú Internacional (COPISA) *
PIA - Peruvian International Airways *
Pluna *
RAS - Rutas Aéreas de Colombia *
RAS - Rutas Aéreas SAM
Rio-Sul *
SACO - Servicio Aéreo Colombiano
SAM - Sociedad Aeronáutica de Medellín
SATCO - Servicio Aéreo de Transportes Comerciales *
SBA Airlines
Serviços Aéreos Cruzeiro do Sul *
SETA (Servicio Experimental de Transporte Aéreo)
Sete Táxi Aéreo
Sky Airline
SLM - Surinaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Surinam Airways) *
SOL Líneas Aéreas
SOL Linhas Aéreas
Southern Winds Líneas Aéreas
Star Perú
Summa (Alianza Summa)
Surinam Airways *
Syndicato Condor * ª
TAC - Transportes Aéreos Coyhaique
TAC - Transportes Aéreos del Cesar
TACA de Venezuela *
TACA Perú *
TAM - Transporte Aéreo Militar
TAM Airlines (Brazil)
TAM Paraguay (Paraguay)
TAM Mercosur
TAMU (Transporte Aéreo Militar Uruguayo)
TANS (Transportes Aéreos Nacionales de la Selva)
TAR - Transporte Aéreo Rioplatense
Tavina *
Team Brasil
Total Linhas Aéreas
Transbrasil *
Transporte Aéreo Militar - TAM
Transporte Aéreo Rioplatense - TAR
Transportes Aéreos Coyhaique - TAC
Transportes Aéreos del Cesar - TAC
Transportes Aéreos Nacional *
TRIP Linhas Aéreas *
TSA - Transcontinental *
Varig *
VASP Brazilian Airlines ª
Viasa *
Votec *
Webjet Linhas Aéreas
Zuliana de Aviación

* and ª = See above


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