Airlines of Oceania by country


The symbol * after an airline indicates that there is at least one image of the interior of a timetable of that airline, in addition to the usual cover image. Such an image may show e.g. a description of routes flown or aircraft used, the actual flight schedule (or an excerpt), a route map, or combinations of these.

The symbol after an airline indicates that there is at least one baggage label of this airline. The timetable page of the airline has a link to a separate page of labels. In addition, airlines with baggage labels are listed on a separate index page.


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American Samoa:
SPIA - South Pacific Island Airways *

Aboriginal Air Services
Adelaide Airways *
Advance Airlines of Australia *
Aeropelican Air Services *
Air Eastland *
Air Facilities *
Air Great Lakes *
Air Kangaroo Island
Airlines of NSW *
Airlines of Northern Australia
Airlines of South Australia (1960s;1980s) *
Airlines of South Australia - ASA (1990s-2000s) *
Airlines of Tasmania *
Airlines of Western Australia
Air Link *
Air New South Wales
Air North *
Air North International
Air Queensland
Air Tasmania *
Airtransit *
Air Whitsunday
Albatross Airlines *
Amber Air
ANA - Australian National Airways (1930-31) *
ANA - Australian National Airways (1930s-50s) *
Ansett Airlines of NSW *
Ansett Airlines of SA
Ansett Airways *
Ansett Australia
Ansett Express
Ansett NSW
Ansett NT *
Ansett WA
Aquatic Air
ASA - Airlines of South Australia (1990s-2000s) *
Augusta Airways
Aus-Air *
Austasia Airlines
Australian Aerial Services *
Australian Airlines (1980s-90s)
Australian Airlines (2000s)
Australian National Airways - ANA (1930-31) *
Australian National Airways - ANA (1930s-50s) *
Avdev Airlines of Australia *
Avior *
BCPA - British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines *
Big Sky Express
Bizjets *
BPA - Bush Pilots Airways *
Brindabella Airlines *
Business Air
Butler Air Transport *
Carpenters Air Lines (W.R.C. Airlines) *
Challenge Air Services
Chartair (Tasmania)
Civil Flying Services *
Clubair *
Cobden Airways *
Commodore Airlines *
Commuter Airlines *
Compass Airlines *
Connair *
Connellan Airways *
Country Connection Airlines
Davey Air Services *
East Coast Airlines (1970s) *
East Coast Airlines (1970s-80s) *
East Coast Aviation Services
East Coast Commuter Airlines *
Easter Airways *
Eastern Australia Airlines
Eastern Pacific Airlines
Eastland Airlines
Eastwest Airlines *
Emu Airways (1970s-80s) *
Emu Airways (1990s-2000s)
Executive Airlines
Eyre Commuter
Fast Airways
Flight West Airlines
GAT - Geelong Air Travel *
Geelong Flight Centre
Goldfields Air Services *
Guinea Airways *
Hazelton Airlines
H.C. Sleigh Airlines
Henebery Aviation Company *
Hicks Airlines *
Holyman's Airways
Horizon Airlines *
Impulse Airlines
International Aviation
Island Air/Union Air
Island Hopper *
Jet Charter Airlines
Kendell Airlines
Lincoln Airlines
Lloyd Air *
Lloyd Air (Queensland) *
MacArthur Airways
Macknight Airlines *
MacRobertson-Miller Aviation *
Majestic Airways
Masling Airlines (also Masling Air Commuter or Masling Commuter Services) *
Masling Aviation
MMA - MacRobertson-Miller Airlines *
Murchison Air Services *
Murray Valley Airlines *
Nationwide Air Services
NEA - New England Airways (1970s) *
New England Airways (1930s) *
Noeska Aviation *
Noosa Air *
Norfolk Island Airlines
Norfolk Jet Express
North Coast Airlines *
Northern Airlines *
North West Airlines
O'Connor Airlines
Opal Air *
Oxley Airlines
Pagas Airlines
Par Avion Airlines *
Peninsula Air Services *
Port Augusta Air Services
Port Macquarie Clipper *
Qantas *
Queensland Airlines- QAL *
Queensland Pacific Airlines
Reef World Airlines (Air Whitsunday)
Regional Pacific Airlines *
Rex - Regional Express
Sabair Airlines
Sandon Airlines
Scruse-Air Helicopters
Seair Pacific
Singleton Air Services *
Sky-Link Airlines
Skyway Airlines
Skywest Airlines *
Sopac Aviation *
Southern Airlines *
Southern Australia Airlines
Southern Cross Airways
Southern Pacific Airlines
State Air *
Staywood Airlines *
Stillwell Airlines *
Strategic Airlines
Sunbird Airlines
Sungold Airlines
Sunstate Airlines *
Sydney Harbour Seaplanes
TAA - Trans-Australia Airlines *
TACA - Townsville & Country Airlines *
Tasmanian Aerial Services
Trans Oceanic Airways *
Trans Regional Airlines *
Transtate Airlines
Trans-West Air Charter *
Trans West Airlines *
T. Thomas Air Transport Systems *
Union Air/Island Air
V Australia *
Virgin Australia
Virgin Blue
WASP Airlines *
West Australian Airways *
Western Airlines
Whyalla Airlines *
Wings Australia *
Woods Airways
W.R.C. Airlines (Carpenters Air Lines) *
Yanda Airlines

Cook Islands:
Air Rarotonga *
Cook Islands Airways *
Cook Islands International *

Air Fiji
Air Pacific *
Fiji Air *
Fiji Airways *
Sun Air
Sunflower Airlines

French Polynesia:
Air Moorea
Air Polynésie *
Air Tahiti (1960s-80s)
Air Tahiti (present) *
Air Tahiti Nui
RAI - Réseau Aérien Interinsulaire *

Air Micronesia *
Air Pacific
Continental Micronesia
Fly Guam

Air Tungaru

Marshall Islands:
Air Marshall Islands

Air Nauru *

Netherlands New Guinea, see Indonesia (Asia)

New Caledonia:
Air Calédonie *
Air Calédonie International *

New Zealand:
Air Albatross *
Air Central *
Air Coromandel
Airlines of New Zealand (SPANZ) *
Air Nelson
Air New Zealand *
Air North
Air Rarotonga *
Air West Coast
Ansett New Zealand *
Associated Air
Associated Airlines
Capital Air
Capital Air Services
Coast Air *
Cook Islands Airways
Cook Islands International
Eagle Air
East Coast Airways *
Freedom Air
Geyserland Airways *
Great Barrier Airlines
James Air
Kiwi International Airlines
Mercury Airlines *
Motueka Air
Mountain Air
Mount Cook Airline *
NAC - National Airways *
Newmans Air *
New Zealand National Airways Corporation - NAC *
Niue Airlines
Northland Districts Aero Club
Origin Pacific Airways
Outdoor Aviation (Skyferry)
Pacifica Air
Pacific Blue
Qantas New Zealand
Safe Air *
Salt Air
Skyferry *
Sky Travel
Sounds Air
Southern Air
Southern Cross Airways
SPANZ - South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand *
Stewart Island Flights
TEAL - Tasman Empire Airways *
Trans Island Air
Wairarapa Airlines *
West Coast Airways *

Northern Mariana Islands:
Pacific Island Aviation
Trust Territory Air Service *

Aero Belau *
Paradise Air

Papua New Guinea:
Aerial Tours
Air Niugini
Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea *
Ansett-MAL *
Bougainville Air Services
Douglas Airways
Islands Aviation
Macair (Melanesian Airline Co.)
North Coast Aviation
Panga Airways *
Patair (Papuan Airline Transport/Papuan Air Lines) *
Sandaun Air Services
TAL - Territory Airlines *

Polynesian Airlines *

Solomon Islands:
Solair - Solomon Islands Airways *
Solomon Airlines *

Tahiti, see French Polynesia

Royal Tongan Airlines

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, see Northern Mariana Islands

Air Melanesie *
Air Vanuatu *

Western Samoa, see Samoa

* and = See above

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