Airlines of North America (the U.S.A. only)


The symbol * after an airline indicates that there is at least one image of the interior of a timetable of that airline, in addition to the usual cover image. Such an image may show e.g. a description of routes flown or aircraft used, the actual flight schedule (or an excerpt), a route map, or combinations of these.

The symbol ♦ after an airline indicates that there is at least one baggage label of this airline. The timetable page of the airline has a link to a separate page of labels. In addition, airlines with baggage labels are listed on a separate index page.


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40-Mile Air *
AAA Airlines
AAI - Air Associates
AAI - Alaska Aeronautical Industries
AAT Airlines
AAXICO Airlines *
ABC Airlines
Access Air
Action Airlines
Aerie Airlines
Aero Coach
Aero Commuter
Aero Limited
Aeromarine Airways
Aeromarine West Indies Airways
Aeromech Airlines *
AeroSun International
Aerovías Nacionales Puerto Rico *
Aero Virgin Islands
AFS Airlines (Arcata Flying Service) *
Air 1 (1980s)
Air 21
Air Alpha
Air America (1940s-50s) *
Air America (1980s)
Air Associates - AAI
Air Astro
Air Atlanta *
AirAtlantic Airlines
Air Bahia *
Air Bama
Air Berlin USA *
Air Best de Puerto Rico
Air California *
Air Caribbean
Air Carolina *
Air Catalina
Air Central (Ohio)
Air Central (Oklahoma) *
Air Central (Texas)
Air Chaparral
Air Chico
Air Colorado
Air Cortez
Air Cortez International
Air Direct
Air East (Massachusetts) *
Air East Airlines (Louisiana)
AirExec *
Air Ferries *
Air-Flite *
Air Florida *
Air Gemini
Air General
Air Great Lakes
Air Hawaii (1960s)
Air Hawaii (1970s-80s)
Air Hemet *
Air Hyannis
Air Idaho *
Air Illinois
Air Indies *
Air International Airlines *
Air Iowa
Air Irvine
Air Kentucky *
Air LA
Air Laughlin
Air-Lift Commuter
Airlift International
Air Lincoln
Airline Feeder System *
Air Link Airlines *
Air Link Airways
AirMarc Airlines
Air Metro
Air Miami
Air Michigan *
Air Micronesia *
Air Mid-America Airlines
Air Midwest *
Air Missouri *
Air Molokai (1980s)
Air Molokai (1990s)
Air Molokai-Tropic Airlines
Air Nebraska
Air Nevada
Air New England
Air New Orleans
Air New Ulm
Air Niagara
Air North (1970s-80s - Vermont) *
Air North (1970s-80s - Alaska) *
Air Olympia
Air 1 (1980s)
Air One (1990s)
Air Oregon *
Air Pacific (1960s-70s - Guam)
Air Pacific (1970s-80s - California)
Air Pacific (19?? - Washington)
Air Pennsylvania
Air-Plains *
Air Resorts Airlines
Air Ruidoso
Air San Juan
Air Service of New England *
Air Sierra
Air South (1960s-70s)
Air South (1980s - Alabama)
Air South (1980s - Florida)
Air South (1990s) *
Air Speed
Air Spirit
Airspur (California)
Airspur (New York) *
Air Sunshine (1970s)
Air Sunshine (1980s) *
Air Taxi Co.
Air Texana
Air Texas
Air Trails - ATI
AirTran Airways
Airtransit Airlines *
Air Transport Command *
Air 21
Air US
Air Utah
AirVantage Airlines
Air Vectors Airways
Air Vermont
Airvia Transportation Company *
Air Virginia *
Airways International *
Airways of New Mexico
Air West (1960s) *
Air West (1980s)
Air Wisconsin *
Alair *
Alaska Aeronautical Industries - AAI
Alaska Airlines *
Alaska Coastal Airlines *
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines *
Alaska International Air *
Alaska Star Airlines *
Alaska Washington Airways
Albany Air
Alector Airways
All American Airways *
Allegheny Airlines *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Atlantic City Airlines) *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Britt Airlines) *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Crown Airways) *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Fischer Brothers Aviation)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Henson Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Ransome Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Southern Jersey Airways) *
Allegheny Commuter (op'd by Suburban Airlines)
Allegheny Commuter Airlines
Allegiant Air
Allen Air Commuter
Alliance Airlines
All Seasons Air Pacific
Aloha Airlines *
Aloha Island Air
Aloha Pacific Airlines *
Alpha Air (California) *
Alpha Airlines (Indiana)
Alpine Air
Altair (1960s - Oklahoma)
Altair Airlines (1960s-80s - Pennsylvania) *
Altus Airlines
Ambassador Airlines *
American Airlines * ♦
American Airtaxi *
American Airways * ♦
American Central Airlines
American Central Airways *
American Eagle (op'd by Chaparral Airlines) *
American Eagle (op'd by Command Airways) *
American Eagle (op'd by Wings West Airlines)
American Eagle Airlines
American Export Airlines * ♦
American Overseas Airlines - AOA * ♦
American Trans Air - ATA
America West Airlines *
Amistad Airlines *
Ananda Air *
Angeles Flying Service
Anjil Airlines
Antilles Air Boats * ♦
AOA - American Overseas Airlines * ♦
Apache Airlines
Apollo Airways *
Appalachian Airlines *
Arcata Flying Service (AFS Airlines) *
Arctic Circle Air
Argonaut Airways
Arizona Airways (1940s) *
Arizona Airways (1990s)
Arkansas Traveler Airline
Armadillo Airways
Aroostook Airways
Arrow Air
ASA - Atlantic Southeast Airlines
ASI - Aviation Services (1960s - later Air Midwest)
ASI - Aviation Services (1970s) *
Aspen Airways *
Aspen Mountain Air *
Astec Air East *
Astor Air
ATA - American Trans Air
ATA Airlines
Atlanta Express
Atlanta Helicopter Airways *
Atlantic Air *
Atlantic Airways *
Atlantic City Airlines *
Atlantic Express *
Atlantic Gulf Airlines
Atlantic North Airlines
Atlantic Southeast Airlines - ASA
Atlantis Airlines *
Atlas Airlines
Austin Express
Avalon Air Transport * ♦
Aviation Services - ASI (1960s - later Air Midwest)
Aviation Services - ASI (1970s) *
Aztec Airlines
Baca Airlines *
Bader Express
Bahamas Caribbean Airlines
Baja Airlines *
Baja Cortez Airlines *
Baltimore Airways
Bangor International Airline
Bankair Commuter Airlines
Bar Harbor Airlines
Bar Harbor Airways *
BAS Airlines
BAT Air (Bradford Air Transport) *
Bay Valley Air Service - BVA *
Bee Line *
Bellingham-Seattle Airways
Bemidji Airlines *
Bering Air *
Bennett Air Transport
Best Airlines *
BEX - Business Express Airlines
BIAIR Regional Airlines *
Big Bend Airways
Big Sky Airlines *
Birchwood Air Service *
Bison Airlines
Block Island Airlines - BIAIR
Blue Dog Commuter
Bluegrass Airlines
Blue Line Air Express
Boeing Air Transport (Boeing System) *
Bonanza Air Lines (1940s-60s) * ♦
Bonanza Airlines (1970s)
Borrego Springs Airline
Boston-Maine Airways *
Boston-Maine Airways/Central Vermont Airways * ♦
Bowen Air Lines * ♦
Bradford Air Transport (BAT Air) *
Braniff (1980s) *
Braniff Airways (1930s-40s) *
Braniff International Airways * ♦
Branson Airlines
Bridger Air
Britt Airlines *
Britt Airways *
Brockway Air
Brower Airlines
Brower Airways
Brower's Air Service
Burlington Air
Business Commuter Airlines *
Business Express *
Cable Commuter Airlines *
Cal-Air (California Air Commuter)
California Air Shuttle
California Amphibious Transport - CAT
California Central Airlines - CCA *
California Eastern Airways - CEA
California Seaboard Airlines - CSA
California Sierra
California Time
Cal Sierra Airlines *
Cal-State Air Lines *
Canadian-American Airlines
Canadian Colonial Airways * ♦
C & M Airlines *
Cape Air
Cape & Islands Airline
Cape & Islands Flight Service *
Cape Smythe Air *
Capital Airlines (1940s-60s) *
Capitol Air (1980s - Tennessee; formerly Capitol International Airways) *
Capitol Air (1990s - Minnesota)
Capitol Air Lines (1970s-80s - Kansas; formerly Capitol Air Service) *
Capitol Helicopters
Capitol International Airways *
Capitol Speed Lines *
Carco Air Service *
Cardiff & Peacock Airlines *
Cardinal Air Lines *
Caribair (Caribbean Atlantic Airlines)
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Express
Caribbean Sun Airlines
Carnival Air Lines *
CAS - Commuters Air Service *
Cascade Airways *
Casino Airlines
Casino Express Airlines *
CAT - California Amphibious Transport
Catalina Airlines (1950s) *
Catalina Air Lines (1960s) *
Catalina Airlines (1970s-80s)
Catalina Amphibian Airlines
Catalina Channel Airlines
Catalina Pacific Airlines
Catalina Seaplanes
Catalina-Vegas Airlines *
Catawba Air Transport
Catskill Airways *
Centennial Airlines
Cen-Tex Airlines *
Central Airlines (1930s) * ♦
Central Airlines (1950s-60s) *
Central Iowa Airlines
Central Michigan Airlines
Central Ohio Airways
Central States Airlines (1970s-80s - Wisconsin)
Central States Airlines (1980s-90s - Ohio)
Century Air Lines (1930s) *
Century Airlines (1970s-90s - California)
Century Airlines (1970s-80s - Missouri)
Century Airlines (1980s - Kansas) *
Century Pacific Lines *
Chalk's International Airlines
Chalk's Ocean Airways
Challenge Air International
Challenge International Airlines
Challenger Airlines *
Chaparral Airlines *
Charter Airlines
Chatham Aviation
Cherokee Airlines *
Cherokee Airtaxi *
Chesapeake Air Ferries *
Chesapeake Airways *
Chesapeake & Potomac Airways *
Chester County Air
Chicago Airlines
Chicago & Southern Air Lines (1950s-60s) *
Chicago & Southern Airlines (1960s-70s)
Chicago-Detroit Airways
Chicago Express Airlines *
Chicago Helicopter Airways *
Chicago-New York Airways
Chisum Flying Service
Choptank Aviation Co. *
Christman Air System
Chrysler Air
Clifford Ball * ♦
Clinton Aero
C & M Airlines *
Coast Airways
Coastal Air
Coastal Airways (Coastal Aviation) (1960s - Florida)
Coastal Airways (1970s - Mississippi)
Coastal Airways (1980s-90s - Washington)
Coastal Aviation (Coastal Airways)
Cochise Airlines *
Coleman Air Transport
Colgan Airways *
Colonial Airlines *
Colonial Air Transport * ♦
Colonial Western Airways * ♦
Colorado Air Lines (1940s)
Colorado Airlines (1970s) *
Columbia Airline (1970s)
Columbia Airlines (1930s)
Columbia Pacific Airlines *
Comair *
Combs Airways *
Command Air
Command Airways *
Commodore Air Service *
Commutair *
Commutaire International Airways *
Commute Air
Commuter Airlines (1960s-70s - Iowa/Illinois) *
Commuter Airlines (1960s-80s - New York) *
Commuters Air Service - CAS *
Condor Air Lines *
Connecticut Airline
Connecticut Airways *
Conquest Airlines *
Consolidated Air Lines *
Consolidated Airways
Continental Air Express * ♦
Continental Airlines (1930s-2010s) * ♦
Continental Airways *
Continental Express (op'd by Britt Airways) *
Continental Express (op'd by Trans-Colorado Airlines) *
Continental Micronesia
Copper State Airlines *
Coral Air *
Cordova Airlines *
Cosmopolitan Airlines
Courtesy Air Service
Crested Butte Air Service *
Cross Sound Airlines *
Crown Air
Crown Airlines
Crown Airways *
Cumberland Airlines
Curtiss Flying Service
Curtiss-Wright Flying Service
DAL & Hood Airlines *
Dallas Express Airlines
Danbury Airways
D & C Airlines
Dash Air
Davis Air Lines (1920s-30s)
Davis Airlines (1960s-70s) *
Dawn Air
D & C Airlines
Decatur Commuter
Delta Air Lines * ♦
Desert Airlines (1970s-80s - Arizona) *
Desert Airlines (1980s - California)
Desert Commuter Airlines
Desert Pacific Airlines *
Desert Pacific Airways
Desert Sun Airlines
Detroit-Cleveland Air Line *
Detroit-Grand Rapids Airline
Detroit Helicopter Airlines
Detroit Northern Airline
Devoe Airlines
Digital Equipment Corporation *
Direct Air
Direct Commuter Airlines *
Discovery Airways
Dixie Flying Service
Dolphin Airlines (1990s - US Virgin Islands)
Dolphin Airways (1980s)
Dorado Wings
Downeast Airlines
Downeast Express
Downtown Airlines
Drummond Island Air *
Eagle Airline (1980s)
Eagle Airlines (1930)
Eagle Airlines (1970s - Washington) *
Eagle Airlines (1970s-80s - California) *
Eagle Airlines (1970s-80s - Texas) *
Eagle Aviation
Eagle Commuter Airlines
East Coast Commuter *
Eastern Air Express
Eastern Air Lines * ♦
Eastern Air Transport
East Hampton Aire - EHA
Eastwind Airlines
EATS - European Air Transport Service
Ede-Aire Line
Edelweiss Air
Edgartown Air
Ellis Air Lines *
Embry Riddle Company *
Emerald Air
Emerald Valley Airlines *
Emery Air Freight *
Empire Airlines (1940s - New York) *
Empire Air Lines (1940s-50s - Idaho) *
Empire Airlines (1970s-80s - New York) *
Empire Airlines (present - Idaho) *
Empire State Airlines
Enterprise Airlines *
Era Aviation *
Essair Lines *
Eureka Aero *
European Air Transport Service - EATS
Evergreen Airspur
Evergreen International Airlines
E.W. Wiggins Airways *
Exec Express Airlines *
Exec Express II Airlines *
Execuair Airlines *
Executive Air
Executive Airlines *
Executive Air Link
Express Airlines I
FAR Airlines
Far West
Far West Airlines
FCA - Florida Coastal Airlines
Federal Express
Finair Express
Fischer Brothers Aviation
Flamenco Airways *
Fleet Airlines *
Fleet Airways
Fleetway Airlines *
Flight Line *
Flightways Aviation Systems
Florence Airlines
Florida Airlines *
Florida Airways (1920s) *
Florida Airways (1940s) *
Florida Atlantic Airlines
Florida Coastal Airlines - FCA *
Florida Commuter Airlines
Florida Express
The Florida Shuttle
Fly Guam
The Flying Tiger Line * ♦
Ford Motor Company
Fort Collins Flying Service
Fort Vancouver Airlines *
Fort Worth Airlines
40-Mile Air *
4 Seas Airlines *
Four Sons Flying Service *
Four Star Air Cargo
Frank Martz Coach Co., Air Lines Division
Freedom Airlines *
Friendship Air Alaska
Frontier Airlines (1950s-80s) *
Frontier Airlines (present) *
Frontier Commuter (op'd by Combs Airways)
Frontier Flying Service
Frontier Horizon
Futura Airlines
Galaxy Airlines *
Gateway Airlines *
Gateway Aviation Co.
GCA - Gulf Coast Airlines (Gulf Coast Aviation) *
GCS Airlines *
GCS Air Service
Gemini Airlines
Gem State Airlines *
General Air Lines *
General Motors Air Transport *
Georgia Air
Gilpin Air Lines *
GLC Airlines (Great Lakes Commuter)
Global International Airways
Gold Coast Air
Gold Coast Airways
Golden Carriage-Air *
Golden Eagle Airlines
Golden Gate Airlines *
Golden Isles Airlines
Golden Pacific Airlines (1960s-70s)
Golden Pacific Airlines (1980s) *
Golden State Airlines
Golden West Airlines (1960s) *
Golden West Airlines (1960s-80s) *
Gopher Airlines *
Gorst Air Transport
Gould Aviation
GP-Express Airlines
Grand Airways
Grand Canyon Airlines
Gray Line Air
Great American Airways *
Great Lakes Airlines
Great Lakes Commuter (GLC Airlines)
Great Plains Airline (1970s) *
Great Plains Airlines (2000s) *
Great Sierra Airline *
Green Hills Aviation *
Green Mountain Airlines *
Gromer Aviation
Gross Aviation
Gulf Coast Airlines - GCA (Gulf Coast Aviation) *
Gulf Coast Airways *
Gulfstream International Airlines *
Gull Air *
Gunnell Aviation
Guy America Airways
The Hagerstown Commuter
Hammonds Commuter Air Service
Hampton Air Service *
Hanford Airlines *
Harbor Air
Harbor Air Service
Harrisburg Commuter Airlines
Hartford Airlines
Havasu Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines *
Hawaiian Pacific Airlines *
The Hawaii Express
Hawaii Jet-Air *
Hawkeye Airlines
Hawthorne Nevada Airlines
Henson Airlines
Heussler Air Service - HAS
Holiday Airlines (1960s-70s)
Holiday Airlines (1980s)
Holiday Airways
Hood Airlines *
Horizon Air
Horizon Airways
Houston Metro Airlines *
Hub Airlines
Hub Express Airlines
Hughes Airwest *
Hulman Field Aviation
Hunter Airways *
Hyannis Aviation
Illini Airlines *
IMA - Inter-Mountain Airways
Imperial Airlines
Independence Air
Indiana Airways *
Indian Wells Airline
Indigo Airlines
Inland Air Lines *
Inland Empire Airlines - IEA *
Inter City Airlines
Inter-Island Air *
Inter-Island Airways
Inter-Mountain Airways - IMA
Interstate Airlines (1920s)
Interstate Airlines (1980s)
Iowa Airlines *
Iowa Airways *
Island Air (Guam)
Island Air (Hawaii)
Island Airlines (1930s - Massachusetts) *
Island Airlines (1960s-90s - Ohio) *
Island Airlines (1980s - Washington)
Island Airlines (1990s-2010s - Massachusetts)
Island Express
Island Helicopter
Island Pacific Air *
Island Sky Ferries
Isle Royale Seaplane Service
ISO Commuter *
Isthmian Airways *
Janss Airways
JerDon Air Commuter Service *
Jet 24 International Airways
Jet-Air (Hawaii Jet-Air) *
JetAire Airlines
Jet America
jetBlue Airways
Jet Express (1990s - Virginia) *
Jet Express (1990s - South Carolina)
Jetstream International Airlines *
Jet Train
KC Piper Air Taxi
Kenmore Air
Key Airlines *
Keystone Airlines *
Keystone Commuter *
King Airlines
King's Skyline
Kitty Hawk Airways *
Kiwi International Airlines
Kodiak Airways
Kohler Aviation Corporation *
LAA - Los Angeles Airways
LAB Flying Service
LADCO - Lebanon Airport Development Corporation *
LA Helicopter
Lake Central Airlines *
Lake Havasu Airlines *
Lakeland Commuter
Laker Airways
Lake State Airways
Lake Union Air
Land 'O' Lakes Airlines *
LAO - Líneas Aéreas Occidentales *
La Posada Airways *
Laredo Air
Larry's Flying Service
Lawrence Aviation
Lebanon Airport Development Corporation - LADCO *
Legend Airlines
Liberty Airlines *
Licon Airways
Lisle Air Service
Lone Star Airlines *
Long & Harman Air Lines *
Longhorn Airlines
Long Island Airlines (1940s)
Long Island Airlines (1980s-90s)
Los Angeles Airways - LAA *
Los Angeles Helicopter Airlines
Los Angeles-San Diego Air Line
Ludington Airlines *
Lynx Air International
MAC - McMullen Airways Corporation *
Mac Air Taxi *
Mac-Aire Aviation Corporation
Mackey Airlines * ♦
Mackey International Airlines *
Maddux Air Lines * ♦
Magnum Airlines *
Mahalo Air *
Maine Air
Maine Air Transport
Main Flying Service
MAL - Miller Airlines
Mall Airways *
Mamer Air Transport *
Mammoth Air Shuttle
Marco Island Airways *
MarkAir *
Marquette Airlines *
Martin Air *
Martz Air Lines *
Mason & Dixon Air Lines * ♦
Massachusetts Airlines *
Massachusetts Helicopter Airlines *
Mass Air *
MATS - Military Air Transport Service *
MATS Airlines *
The Maui Commuter *
Maui Airlines
Maverick Airways (1970s)
Maverick Airways (1990s)
Mayflower Airlines *
McCall Air
McClain Airlines
McMullen Airways Corporation - MAC *
Mercury Airlines *
Merrimack Airlines
Merrimack Air System
Mesa Air
Mesa Airlines *
Mesa Air Shuttle
Mesaba Airlines *
Metro Airlines *
Metro Air Northeast
Metro Commuter Airlines *
Metroflight Airlines *
Metro International Airways
Metroplex Airlines
Metroplex Helicopter Airways *
Metropolitan Air Ferry Service
Mexico Air Service
MGM Grand Air
Michigan Air Express *
Michigan Trade Winds
Mid-Atlantic Express Airlines
Mid-Continent Airlines (1930s-50s) *
Mid-Continent Air Lines - MCA (1960s - Nebraska)
Mid-Continent Air Lines (1960s-70s - Tennessee)
Mid-Continent Airlines (1970s - Oklahoma) *
Mid-Continent Airlines (1980s - Iowa)
Mid-Hudson Airlines *
Midland Air Express
Mid Pacific Air *
Mid-South Airlines - MSA
Mid-South Airways
Midstate Air Commuter - MAC *
Midstate Airlines
Midway Airlines (1950s) *
Midway Airlines (1970s-90s) *
Midway Airlines (1990s-2000s)
Midway Connection (op'd by Chicago Airlines)
Mid-West Airlines (1940s-50s)
Midwest Airlines (2000s-10s)
Midwest Airways
Midwest Aviation
Midwest Commuter Airlines *
Midwest Express Airlines *
Military Air Transport Service - MATS
Miller Airlines - MAL (1960s - Michigan)
Miller Airlines (Miller Aircraft) (1960s-70s - Texas)
Miller Air Taxi
Mississippi Valley Airlines - MVA
Mohawk Airlines (1950s-70s) *
Mohawk Airlines (1980s-90s)
Mojave Airlines *
Monarch Airlines (1940s-50s) *
Monarch Airlines (1960s-70s) *
Monarch Airlines (1980s) *
Monmouth Airlines *
Montauk Caribbean Airways *
Monterey and Bay Cities Flightway
Moraine Airways *
Morris Air
Mountain Air
Mountain West Airlines (1970s - Colorado)
Mountain West Airlines (1970s-80s - Idaho)
MSA - Mid-South Airlines
Munz Northern Airlines
Muse Air *
Mutual Air Lines (no timetables)
MVA - Mississippi Valley Airlines
Myrtle Beach Direct Air
Myrtle Beach Jet Express
NAA - North American Airlines (1970s?)
NAC - Northern Air Cargo
Nantucket Airlines
Naples Airlines *
NAT - National Air Transport *
National Air
National Airlines (1930s-70s) *
National Airlines (1990s)
National Airlines (1990s-2000s)
National Air Transport - NAT *
National Executive Airlines
National Florida Airlines - NFA
National Parks Airways *
Nations Air
Nationwide Airlines *
Nationwide Airlines Southeast
Nauset Airways
NCA - Northern Consolidated Airlines
Nelson Airlines *
Nevada Airlines
Nevada County Aviation
New England Airlines (1950s)
New England Airlines (present) *
New England Central Airways - NECA *
New England Commuter
New England & Western Air Transportation Co. *
New Haven Airways
New Jersey Airways - NJA
New Jersey-Merrimack Airlines
New Mexico Air
New Mexico Airlines - NMA
Newport Aero
New York Air (1980s - NY-Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket) *
New York Air (1980s - jet operator)
New York Air Commuter *
New York Airways (1920s-30s) *
New York Airways (1930s)
New York Airways (1950s-70s) *
New York Helicopter *
New York-Newport Air Service *
New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line - NYRBA * ♦
New York-Washington Air Line *
NFA - National Florida Airlines
NJA - New Jersey Airways
Norcal Airlines
Nor East Commuter Airlines
North American Airlines (1950s) *
North American Airlines - NAA (1970s)
North American Airlines (1980s) *
North Cay Airways
North Central Airlines *
Northcoast Executive Airlines
North Continent Airlines *
Northeast Airlines (1940s-70s) *
Northeastern International Airways *
Northeast Express
Northern Air Cargo - NAC
Northern Airlines (1950s) *
Northern Air Lines (1960s-70s)
Northern Airlines (1980s - Massachusetts)
Northern Airlines (1980s - Minnesota)
Northern Airways (1940s) *
Northern Airways (1960s-70s)
Northern Airways (1980s)
Northern Consolidated Airlines - NCA *
Northern Illinois Commuter Airlines
Northern New England Airways *
Northern Star Airlines - NSA
North Pacific Airlines - NPA *
North Star Aircoach *
Northwest Airlines * ♦
Northwest Airlink (op'd by Pacific Island Aviation)
Northwest Airways *
NPA - North Pacific Airlines *
NSA - Northern Star Airlines
NYRBA - New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line * ♦
Oceanair *
Ocean Reef Airways *
OK Air (Oahu & Kauai Airlines) *
Oklahoma Airlines
Omni Airlines
Omniflight Helicopter Services
ONG Airlines
Otter Air
Overland Airway
Ozark Air Lines (1950s-80s) *
Ozark Air Lines (2000s) *
PAA - Pan American (World) Airways * ♦
Pacific Air Lines (1940s)
Pacific Air Lines (1950s-60s) *
Pacific Air Transport *
Pacific Alaska Airways *
Pacific Cal Air *
Pacific Coast Airlines (1980s)
Pacific Coast Airlines (1990s)
Pacific East Air *
Pacific Express
Pacific Flight Service
Pacific Interstate Airlines *
Pacific Island Aviation
Pacific Marine Airways *
Pacific National Airways - PNA
Pacific Northern Airlines - PNA (1940s-60s) *
Pacific Northern Airlines - PNA (1970s)
Pacific Northwest Airlines - PNA
Pacific Seaboard Air Lines *
Pacific Southwest Airlines - PSA * ♦
PAFCO Airlines
Page Airways *
PAL - Pennsylvania Air Lines (1930s) *
PAL - Princeton Air Link *
Palm Springs Air Line *
Panagra * ♦
Pan Am (Pan American World Airways - PAA) * ♦
Pan Am (Pan American Airways) (1996-98)
Pan Am (Pan American Airways) (1998-2004)
Panama Airways *
Pan Am Air Bridge
Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra) * ♦
Pan American World Airways - PAA (Pan Am) * ♦
Pan Am Express
P & M Flying Service
Panhandle Airways
Paradise Airlines (1960s - California)
Paradise Airlines (1990s - Florida)
Paradise Island Airlines
Parks Air Lines
PAT - Peninsula Air Transport *
PBA - Provincetown-Boston Airline *
PCA - Pennsylvania Central Airlines *
Pearson Air *
Pearson Aircraft *
Pegasus Aviation
PenAir (Peninsula Airways) *
Peninsula Air Transport - PAT *
Pennsylvania Air Lines - PAL (1930s) *
Pennsylvania Airlines (1970s-1990s)
Pennsylvania Commuter Airlines
People Express
Permian Airways *
Philadelphia Rapid Transit (PRT Air Service) *
Phillips Airlines
Phoenix Airlines
Piasa Commuter Airlines
Pickwick Airways *
Piedmont Airlines (1940s-80s) *
Piedmont Airlines (present)
The Piedmont Regional Airline (Henson Airlines)
Pikes Peak Air Commerce *
Pilgrim Airlines *
Pinehurst Airlines *
Pine State Airlines
Pioneer Air Lines (1940s-50s) * ♦
Pioneer Airlines (1960s)
Pioneer Airways
Piper Air Center - Airline Division
Piper Twinair
Pitcairn Aviation *
Pitt Airlines
Pittsburgh Airways *
P & M Flying Service
PNA - Pacific National Airways
PNA - Pacific Northern Airlines (1940s-60s) *
PNA - Pacific Northern Airlines (1970s)
PNA - Pacific Northwest Airlines
Pocono Airlines *
Polar Airlines
Pomona Valley Aviation
Pompano Airways *
Ponderosa Airlines *
Portland Airways
Potomac Flying Service (no timetables)
Prairie Airways
Precision Airlines
Presidential Airways
Prestige Airways *
Pride Air
Prime Air
Prinair *
Princeton Air Link - PAL *
Princeton Airways (Princeton Aviation Corporation) (1960s) *
Princeton Airways (1970s-80s) *
Princeville Airways
Private Jet
Pro Air (1990s-2000s)
Proair (1980s)
Provincetown-Boston Airline - PBA
PRT Air Service * ♦
PSA - Pacific Southwest Airlines * ♦
Puget Sound Airlines
Qwest Air *
RAI Commuter (Roederer Aviation)
Ram Airlines *
Ransome Airlines *
Rapid Air Lines *
Rapid Air Transport *
Reading Airline System
Realwest Airlines *
Red Baron Airlines (1980s - Florida)
Red Baron Lines (1960s-70s)
Red Carpet Airlines
Reed Airline
Reeve Aleutian Airways - RAA
Reeves Air
Regional Helicopter Airlines
Reno Air
Reno Air Express *
Republic Airlines
Republic Express (op'd by Express Airlines I)
Resort Air *
Resort Airlines *
Resort Airways
Resort Commuter Airlines *
Resorts International Airlines
Riddle Airlines *
Rio Airways *
Rio Grande Air *
Robertson Aircraft Corporation - RAC * ♦
Robertson Air Lines *
Robinson Airlines *
Rochester Aviation
Rocky Mountain Airways *
Roederer Aviation (RAI Commuter)
Ross Aviation *
Roswell Airlines *
Royal-Air *
Royal Airways
Royal American Airways *
Royale Airlines *
Royal Hawaiian Air Service
Royal West Airlines
Rutland Airways *
Ryan Air
Ryan Airlines
Rynes Airlines
SAFEway (Southwest Air Fast Express - SAFE) * ♦
Safeway Aircoach *
St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line
Sair Aviation *
Salmon Air
Samoa Air
San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines (1960s-70s) *
San Juan Airlines *
The Santa Fe Airline Company
SCAT - South Central Air Transport *
Scenic Airlines *
Scenic Airways *
Seaboard and Western Airlines
Seaboard World Airlines *
Seaborne Airlines
Seaco Airlines *
Seacoast Air Transport *
Seair *
Seaplane Shuttle Transport - SST
SeaPort Airlines
Seattle Airways *
SFO Helicopter Airlines (1960s-70s) *
SFO Helicopter Airlines (1980s)
Shasta Air
Shavano Air *
Shawnee Air Commuter
Shawnee (International) Airlines *
Shenandoah Airlines
Shorter Airlines *
Shuttle America
S.I. Airways
Sierra Expressway
Sierra Mountain Airways
Sierra Pacific Airlines (1960s) *
Sierra Pacific Airlines (present) *
Simmons Airlines *
Sizer Airways *
Skybus Express Airline
Sky-Knight Airlines *
Skyline Air Service
Skymark Airlines *
Skysaver Jet Shuttle
Skystream Airlines *
Sky Tours
Sky Tours Hawaii *
Skytrain Airlines *
Skyway Airlines
Skyway Commuter (1970s - Missouri)
Skyway Commuter (1980s - Florida)
Skyways (Scheduled Skyways) *
Sky West Airlines *
Slocum Air *
SMB Stage Line (SMB Airlines)
Smyer Commuter Airline *
Solar Airlines *
Soonair Lines *
Sound Flight *
South Atlantic Airlines *
SouthCentral Air
South Central Airlines *
South Central Air Transport - SCAT *
Southeast Air
South East Airlines (1940s - North Carolina)
Southeast Airlines (1950s - Tennessee) *
Southeast Airlines (1960s-80s - Florida)
Southeast Airlines (1970s - Tennessee)
Southeast Airlines (1980s - Florida) *
Southeast Airlines (1990s-2000s - Florida) *
Southeast Air Tours
Southeast Alaska Airlines
Southeast Commuter Airlines
Southeastern (Commuter) Airlines
Southern Airways *
Southern Aviation Airlines
Southern Express
Southern International Airways
Southern Jersey Airways *
Southern Skies Commuter
South Pacific Air Lines - SPAL * ♦
South Pacific Island Airways - SPIA *
Southwest Air Fast Express - SAFE (SAFEway) * ♦
Southwest Airlines (1960s) *
Southwest Airlines (present)
South West Airways (1930s) *
Southwest Airways (1940s-50s) *
SPAL - South Pacific Air Lines *
SPIA - South Pacific Island Airways *
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Air Shuttle
Spirit Heliporter
SST - Seaplane Shuttle Transport
Standard Air Lines * ♦
Standard Airways (1950s-60s - California/Washington) *
Standard Airways (1960s - Michigan)
Star Airways
Starflite Airlines *
State Airlines
State Line Air Commuter *
Stateswest Airlines
Statewide Airlines *
Sterling Air Service *
Sterling One
Stol Air Commuter *
Stout Air Lines *
Suburban Airlines
Summit Airlines *
Sunaire Express
Sun Aire Lines *
Sun Airlines (1960s - Missouri/Tennessee) *
Sun Airlines (1970s - Florida)
Sun Basin Airline
Sunbelt Airlines (1970s-80s - Georgia)
Sunbelt Airlines (1980s - Arkansas)
Sunbird Airlines (North Carolina) *
Sunbird Airlines (Kentucky) *
Sun Country Airlines
Sundorph Aeronautical Corporation
Sundorph Airlines
Sun Land Airlines
Sun Pacific Airlines
Sunrise Airlines
Sun Valley Airlines *
Sun Valley Key Airlines *
Sun West Airlines *
Sunworld Airlines
Sunworld International Airways
Superior Air
Susquehanna Airlines *
SVA - Sun Valley Airways
SwiftAir (1980s - Indiana) *
Swift Aire Lines (1960s-80s - California) *
TAC - Transamerican Airlines *
TAG Airlines *
Tahoe Air
Tanana Air Taxi
Taquan Air *
TAT - Transcontinental Air Transport * ♦
TAT Flying Service
TAT-Maddux Air Lines * ♦
Tatonduk Flying Service *
Tejas Airlines *
Tempelhof Airways USA *
Temsco Airlines
Tenn Air Commuter Service (Tennesse Airmotive)
Tennessee Airways *
Terre Haute Commuter *
Territorial Airlines
Texas Air Lines (1940s) ♦
Texas Airlines (1980s) *
Texas Airways *
Texas International Airlines *
Texas National Airlines
Texas Star Airlines
Thompson Aeronautical Corporation - TAC *
Thunderbird Airlines *
Thunderbird Flying Service (also brochure) *
TIA - Trans Inland Airlines
Time Airlines
TMA - Trans Magic Airlines
TMA - Trans-Michigan Airlines
TMA - Trans Midwest AirlinesA
TNA - Trans-Nevada Air
Total Air
Tower Air
TPA - Trans Pacific Airlines ("The Aloha Airline") *
TPA - Trans Penn Airlines *
Tracon International Airline
Tradewinds Airlines
Trade Winds Airways Corporation *
Tradewinds & Western Airways *
Trans Air (1980s - Florida) *
Trans Air (present - Hawaii)
Trans Air Lines
Transamerica Airlines
Trans American Airlines (1950s) *
Transamerican Airlines - TAC (1930s) *
Trans American Airways
Trans Cal Airlines *
Trans California Airlines (1960s) *
Trans-California Airlines - TCA (1980s) *
Trans Caribbean Airways *
Trans Catalina Airlines
Trans Central Airlines (1960s-70s)
Trans Central Airlines (1980s)
Trans-Colorado Airlines *
Trans Commuter Airline *
Transcontinental Air Transport - TAT
Transcontinental and Western Air - TWA * ♦
Trans East Airlines
Trans East International Airlines *
Trans Inland Airlines - TIA
Trans International Airlines - TIA
Trans-Isle Airlines *
Trans Magic Airlines - TMA *
Trans-Michigan Airlines - TMA
Trans Micronesian Airways
Trans Midwest Airlines - TMA
Trans-Mo Airlines
Trans Mountain Air *
Trans Mountain Airlines
Trans-Nebraska Airlines
Trans-Nevada Air - TNA
Trans North Aviation
Transocean Air Lines *
Trans Penn Airlines - TPA *
Trans Sierra Airlines (1970s) *
Trans Sierra Airways - TSA *
Trans Southern Airways - TSA
TranStar Airlines
Transtate Airways *
Trans-Texas Airways - TTA *
Transwestern Airlines *
Trans Western Airlines of Utah *
Trans World Airlines - TWA * ♦
Trans World Express (operated by Metro Air Northeast)
Trans World Express (operated by Resort Commuter Airlines) *
TravelAir *
Treasure State Airlines
Tri Air
Triangle Airways
TriStar Airlines *
Tri-State Airlines
Tri-State Flite Services
Trojan Aire
Tropic Airlines
Trump Air
Trump Airways
Trump Shuttle
The Trump Shuttle Connection
Trust Territory Air Service *
TSA - Trans Sierra Airways *
TSA - Trans Southern Airways
TWA - Trans World Airlines * ♦
Tyee Airlines
Tyme Airlines *
Union Air Lines *
United Airlines * ♦
United States Airways *
United States Overseas Airlines - USOA *
Universal Air Lines System (1920s) *
Universal Airlines (1940s-60s)
Universal Airways
USAfrica Airways *
US Air Mail Service *
US Airways (1990s-2000s - ex-USAir and Allegheny Airlines)
US Airways (2000s-2010s - ex-America West Airlines)
USOA - United States Overseas Airlines *
US Aviation
Vail Airways
Valdez Airlines
Valdosta Phoenix Airlines
VALE Airline(s) *
Valley Airlines (1960s-70s - Arizona) *
Valley Airlines (1960s-70s - California)
Valley Airlines (1980s - Maine)
Valley Airpark Commuter Service *
Valley Air Services
Valley Commuter
ValuJet Airlines *
Vanguard Airlines
Varney Air Lines * ♦
Varney Air Transport *
Varney Speed Lines (Southwest Division) *
Varney Speed Lines System *
Vee Neal Airlines *
Vercoa Commuter *
Vero Monmouth Airlines
Via Air
VIA Airlines
Vieques Air Link - VAL *
Viking Airlines
Virgin Air *
Virgin Islands Airways
Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle *
Viscount Air Tours
Volunteer Airlines (1950s)
Volunteer Airlines (1970s)
Volusia Aviation Service
VQ Airlines
Warbelow's Air Ventures *
Washington Airlines *
Washington-Baltimore Airways
Washington Flying Service (no timetables)
Washington-New York Air Line *
Waterman Airlines *
Watertown Airways *
Wedell-Williams Air Lines *
Westair (1970s - Colorado) *
WestAir Airlines (1970s-80s - California) *
Westates Airlines
West-Central Airlines *
West Coast Airlines * ♦
West Coast Air Transport * ♦
Western Air Express *
Western Airlines (1940s-80s) * ♦
Western Airlines (1990s?)
Western Air Service *
Western Air Services (Puerto Rico)
Western Air Stages *
Western Pacific Airlines
West Isle Air *
West Pacific
Westward Airways
Wheeler Airlines *
Whidbey Flying Service *
Wien Air Alaska *
Wien Alaska Airlines *
Wien Consolidated Airlines *
Wiggins Airways *
Wild Goose Airlines
Williams Air *
Will's Air
Wilmington-Catalina Airline
Winged America Airlines (no timetables)
Wings Airlines
Wings Airways
Wings of Alaska *
Wings of the World
Wings West Airlines
Winnipesaukee Airlines (Winnipesaukee Aviation)
Wisconsin Central Airlines *
Wise Airlines
World Airways *
Wrangell Mountain Air
Wright Air Lines *
Wright Air Service
Wyoming Airlines
Wyoming Air Service *
Yankee Airlines
Yosemite Airlines *
Zia Airlines *
Zimmerly Airlines *

* and ♦ = See above

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